5 Basic And Effective Public Speaking Tips

public speaking tips

Some people feel very nervous while they speak in public or they have this fear of speaking in public called glossophobia. This fear may be hurting your life both personally and professionally. In today’s digital world you must interact with people for improving your social life but this fear stops you from doing the same. You always feel nervous, anxious that how will you speak to so many people.

You are not able to express your views and this makes you an introvert for your entire life which is not a good sign as you can’t live in your world. But given below are some basic and effective public speaking tips that you can grasp and apply in your daily life to overcome this fear of public speaking.

5 Effective Public Speaking Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Speaking

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Preparation And Practice Is Must 

A good speaker will always prepare and practice the words he is going to speak because preparation and practice will make your speaking effortless and will help you to overcome this fear. This is one of the most effective public speaking tips to help you speak without feeling nervous.

Know Your Audience

The next important thing you should know that how your audience is going to be. You need to understand your audience well so the connection between you and the audience will not break. This will help you in feeling relaxed and calm while speaking. Include your audience so they will listen to you solemnly. 

Remember The Starting And Ending Point

The starting of the speech must be impressive so that the audience will get impressed. Moreover, don’t sound like a machine while speaking. Be natural and deliver the words smoothly and you will eventually feel confident and will not be sounding like the robot who is just stating the pile of words. This public speaking tip will enhance your interaction level 

Make Eye Contact And Keep Talking

While speaking you must keep eye contact with the audience as they will feel connected with you. Here, note that keeps talking doesn’t mean you need to blabber foolishly. It means to keep talking in general so the audience will not feel that you are nervous.

Show Your Style And Conquer The Fear

Last but not least public speaking tip that you can follow is that add your approach so you will be in your element and eventually your fear of speaking in public will vanish. By adding your technique you will be able to explain things effortlessly.


Good communication skill is the basic element of a good speaker. The fear that stops you from being a good speaker can be overcome only if you will follow these basic public speaking tips that are stated above. They will help you to be an efficient speaker in front of the public. Time to summarize the tips;

Preparation and practice is must

Know your audience 

Remember the starting/ending point

Make eye contact and keep talking

Show your style and conquer the fear

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