5 Best Body Language Books Of 2021

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More than words, the way how you say these words matters more. The use of our hands while saying something, nodding the head while listening makes the conversation more interesting and effective. That is how body language works. Our gestures and expressions are a very important part of the conversation, especially when the listener is far away from us. Body language is the basic method through which different species communicate. However, humans have developed a complex body language to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Still, Body language is used to recognize the actual behavior of a person. As words can be fake, but with a good understanding of body language, one can easily know the intentions of another person. While giving an interview, you are judged on the basis of your body language. So, this clearly illustrates the need for reading body language books.

5 Must Read Body Language Books

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Body Language Book By Allan Pease

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This body language book talks about different body languages of different cultures and locations. The book is full of a wide range of topics. This book delights you with pictures of different body language signals. It also makes it easy to understand body language with the help of many examples. It also tells us how to behave during interviews to have a greater impact.

The Secret Language of Your Body- The Essential Guide To Health And Wellness

Inna Segal writes this body language book. It tells you about how to apply body language in your day-to-day life. This book does not focus on reading another body language to make a conversation easy. Rather it focuses on reading your own body language for having better health. It has various exercises, steps, and programs to live a healthy life.

What Every Body Is Saying – A Good Body Language Book

Joe Navarro writes this book. In this book, you can get tips on body language. After reading this book, you can express yourself more easily and through fewer words.

You Say More Than You Think

This is an excellent body language book by Janine Driver, Mariska van Aalst. It gives you a 7-Day Plan to learn and use a new body language. This book can also help you to read others in a better way and also to convey your ideas and emotions with confidence through actions. You can easily learn from this book through the given examples about reading others on the basis of cultures and regions.

The Body Language- A Book By Harvey Segler

This book teaches you the methods of how to apply different body languages at the correct time. This book has eight chapters. Through this book, you discover how your walking, sitting postures affects your conversation. It makes you understand the psychological secrets and benefits of Body Language.


Body language books are really important to understand the actual way of conversation, especially for specially-abled persons. Moreover, body language is the only medium to express for the deaf and mute people. So, no one can ever ignore the importance of Body Language Books.

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