5 Inspiring Self-esteem and Self-love Quotes

Self Esteem Quotes--the superconscious


Experts say, “Thoughts Build Life!”  Law of Attraction (as depicted in the world-famous movie, ‘The Secret’) is now universally recognized.  The science behind is that an individual exists in 3 mind levels: conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious.  When a thought in the conscious mind is impressed upon the subconscious, and in turn, the sub-conscious mind impresses that thought to superconscious, the thought becomes a reality.  A lot of research work on the law of attraction is in progress. Many testimonials that have come up to corroborate this statement.  It follows, every individual can be a master of his/her destiny and can achieve anything he/she desires in life! So why not grow ourselves with self-esteem quotes!

It is imperative to keep our self-esteem and self-love at peak levels so that you will attract similar vibrations from the entire world and ultimately get the desired results.  The following quotes shall inspire you to keep your self-esteem and self-love at peak level:

1.  Tat twam asi

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Connecting with super-consciousness

This is a Sanskrit mantra used in ancient Hindu and yoga philosophy which means, “I am that” or “Thou Art That.” The statement refers to the unity of the individual or soul with the universal super-consciousness of the Absolute.  This quote can be best for connecting yourself with God power. The super-consciousness is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. 

2.  Be bold and strongest what you stand for: 

This quote in a simple language is self-explanatory and inspires one to excel in whatever path he or she chooses.  The extract boosts confidence level manifolds.  This is one of the most powerful self-esteem quotes.

3. As you sow, so you reap: 

The quote reminds us of the importance of sowing or taking action.  Ordinary people focus their attention on getting fruits or outcomes.  Contrarily, the law of nature acts oppositely.  To get fruits, first, you have to sow the seed, allow it to germinate, nurture the seedling, the plant with water and fertilizers, and protect the plant from hazards till it grows into a large tree.  The tree then automatically bears fruits.

4. Money Free Flow Affirmation: 

If you are stuck up with financial worries, here is a perfect solution for you. Study these affirmations and make them part of your personality: “All my money blockages are automatically vanishing.  From all known or unknown resources, I am attracting money automatically.”  “Money comes to me in multiple proportions from all directions.”  “I am getting richer and richer day by day.”  These quotes can immensely help those confronted with money problems and are known to produce miraculous results.  However, the affirmations require continual and uninterrupted repetitions at least for 30 days to take the desired effect.

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5. To fall in love with ourselves is the first secret to happiness:

Self-realization is the highest purpose in life.  Here, the meaning of self is the physical body, soul, and super consciousness. Human birth is precious and is a result of millions of births taken by a soul in other (animal) forms of life. Even the physical body is referred to as the Supreme God by many spiritual gurus.  Love is the most powerful energy in this universe and hence, occupies the first position in self-esteem and self-love quotes. To fall in love with our self does not mean becoming selfish.  Contrarily, the purpose of human life is for the benefit and wellbeing of others. Happiness comes by giving happiness to others.  Whatever you give to the external world—good or bad—comes back to you in multiple proportions!  This is a well-established natural principle with several testimonials to support. Once you realize that your true self is for others, you start loving yourself, and that state of mind leads to happiness, as it connects you to the very purpose of your existence.        

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