A Quotation About Public Speaking – Make Sure Its Good

quotation about public speaking

A quotation about public speaking is often used to justify the doubts and fear that many people who do speak in public feel. Such a speech quote may have come from an individual who knows their way around the world of public speaking or from a renowned authority on the art of persuasion. Regardless of its source, such a speech quote has valuable insights to share that will help you better understand how you should go about speaking in front of a crowd.

Provides A Useful Insight

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Quotations about public speaking provide a useful insight into how best to approach the task ahead and show the audience how to approach themselves. It helps us realize that when we speak in front of an audience, what we are saying is not a secret but something we already know. Thus, the speech itself becomes secondary to merely being a way of asking a question or giving information. In other words, speech, which is essentially a communication between people, should be understood as communication between individuals.

Core Of Communication

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The core of communication is understanding and using another person’s knowledge in your own words because doing so does not harm them in any way. This is also the core concept behind quotation, which anyone can do, regardless of their education, speaking skill, experience, or even their native tongue. The important thing is that you give your audience information and knowledge and then allow them to use that knowledge in their lives. Your speech is not there to certify your knowledge but to encourage your audience to do the same.

Guide To Public Speaking

Quotations about public speaking have been used for many years as a guide to follow while speaking in public. If you were to read one of these quotes about public speaking today, it would help you learn the proper way of speaking. A good example is George Bernard Shaw’s “A man ought to be able to think as well as to talk.” This famous author wrote that to be a good public speaker; you need to understand how to make your thoughts clear and let your audience know what you’re all about. Shaw was right; the ability to communicate is key.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Another great quote about public speaking can be found in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Hamlet speaks a lengthy speech about his past and his future as he faces his death in the play. The play itself is quite long and can take several viewings. However, if you want to get a good idea of what to expect in a speech of this nature, you should consider the words of Edmund Spenser in his “person.” In his work, Spenser suggests that to be a good public speaker, you must prepare yourself for acting as well as for talking.

Think About Your Audience

As you prepare for your speech, you’ll have to think about your audience and what they want to hear from you. They’ll inevitably ask questions throughout the speech. You’ll need to be prepared to answer these questions and address their concerns. You can begin by looking for common threads in the questions that you hear from the audience.

Time Factor

One example of a thread that many people frequently raise is time. You might be nervous about addressing an audience that has been waiting for a long time for your speech. You’ll need to find a way to change their views of you so that they see you as a person of accomplishment. You can do this by showing them that you have a busy schedule that keeps you away from the spotlight. By addressing the audience’s fears about speaking in public, you’ll give them something to look forward to in your speech.

In Conclusion

Finally, you’ll want to end your speech on a high note. You can start this off by quoting one of your most memorable lines from the play or from the book you are to read out loud. However, this isn’t the only way to end a good speech. If possible, you should end it with a quote about how much you love your audience. This will make the audience feel great, and you’ll be able to leave them with warm, fuzzy feelings that they can carry with them after the speech is over. Use a quotation about public speaking and make your speech as good as it can be.

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