Activities To Develop Speech Skill

Activities To Develop Speech Skill

Have you ever been to a seminar? If not, watch some seminars on YouTube. Look at the speech skill level of a speaker. They deliver their speech without the shadow of a doubt. Additionally, they are confident. They know what they are saying and they can answer any question the audience asks. 

Where do you think they learn the speech-giving skill? The activities to develop speech behind the stage is what makes a good speech. 

No human is born as a talented speaker. Each speaker works hard and builds the speech skill. You’re only appreciating the talent you see on the stage but not the hard works, the speaker is putting in to prepare the speech.  

Activities To Develop Speech Skill
Activities To Develop Speech Skill

It doesn’t matter what skill you’re aiming at, you can learn it. And yes, you can also learn speech-giving skills or public speaking skills. But there is a process and activities behind every successful speech. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about the activities to develop speech skills. 

Speech Skill Rule No.1 – Choose Your Subject 

The first step to developing an outstanding speech is to pin down a specific topic. They might ask you to speak on a particular topic or you might receive an invitation to speak at an event. 

You should know how to carefully select your topic. The topic shouldn’t be something that you’re good at. It should be something that interests the audience. Think about the venue. Where will you be giving your speech? To whom will you be speaking? 

Before you write your speech, brainstorm your key topic. Use clustering or free writing method to pull the key topic. 

When you find your key topic, do some quick research. See what others are saying, read other points of view. And once you finish your research, distill your idea for the final manuscript. 

Speech Skill Rule No.2 – Understand Your Audience 

When you write your speech make sure to take into account the demographics of your audience. Ask your organizer the audience demographic. Like gender, age, and industry. 

Knowing your audience is a critical activity to develop speech. When you know your audience you can prepare the speech as per the common interest, culture, and ethnicity of the audience.  

A speaker should take the audience into account to craft an effective and successful speech. 

Rule No.3 – Find Credible Sources 

Most people don’t believe in things that haven’t been experienced worldwide. Your idea, your thesis, might make a perfect sense to you. But it might make no sense to the audience. 

So, in order to support your ideas, you must find credible sources of information. Look for something scholarly that has been peer-reviewed. 

You can use the internet but make sure to double-check. Everything that’s on the web is not true. Don’t use outdated research, especially for scientific and technical topics. 

Don’t copy the information directly. Only use it as a reference to support your idea. 

Activities To Develop Speech Skill
Activities To Develop Speech Skill


Follow the mentioned rule above to improve your speech skill and to develop the best speech of your life. 

The only way to make your speech outstanding is to craft your speech before you go on the stage to speak

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