Alpha Male Body Language – How to Be the Alpha Male That Women Will Fall For

alpha male body language

Your body shows who you really are inside. It’s kind of like an advertisement for your persona. So if you’d like to be more alpha in the inside, you’d better use alpha male body language everywhere you go, especially by not saying a single word.

Maintain A Good Posture

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The most common “alpha male body language” tip is to maintain a good posture even when touching another person. Good posture allows you to feel relaxed and at ease. A confident man has good posture. He may touch other people with his eyes shut, but he always has an air of self-assurance. And, his touching techniques are always smooth and fluid.

The next tip on how to be more alpha male body language is to know how to make eye contact. Whether you’re talking to a woman or a man, it’s important to make eye contact with him. Women, in particular, find it hard to break eye contact with a guy even when they’re attracted to him. And this is one “alpha” male body language technique every man should master. If you can learn how to make eye contact with a girl even if she doesn’t look your way, then you will be noticed more easily and naturally.

Common Things In Men

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Men who are successful in any situation have two things in common. They have amazing confidence and they know how to effectively use their body language. These men have open feet. When they hold eye contact with a girl, they have powerful alpha male body language.

Open body language is a big part of being confident and self-confident. This is the part of you that people can actually see. If you’re not confident, but you have open body language, the girl will instantly know that something is wrong. This means that you need to do some work on your confidence.

The Posture Is Also Important

Another big part of the alpha male body language is your posture. Most guys are awkward to stand up straight. If you want to stand up straighter, it’s easier to sit down. You can also turn your shoulders toward the door while speaking so that the space between your legs is larger, which makes you appear taller.

A really effective technique to improve your alpha male body language is to look like you’re confident and self-assured. Walk up to a girl and confidently put your hand up in the air. Then, as you speak, maintain the same posture as if you were speaking in front of a group of people. Most women will be flattered by this, especially if she had never seen alpha males doing it. Girls naturally want to be with alpha males, so by standing tall and proud, you’ll look much more powerful than if you slouch down or even slump.

Last Words

The last part of this is to remember that women are animals. What’s so different about men is that they have to be trained and socialized differently from other animals. However, when you have the right combination of alpha males, confident and open body language, you can easily walk her to a very comfortable place where you can propose marriage. All it takes is some practice.

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