Analogy: Open The Door Of Your Analyzing Mind

Analogy: Open The Door Of Your Analyzing Mind

Analogy: Open The Door Of Your Analyzing Mind

An analogy is a construct of meaning between two other concepts. The analogy exists separate from the other concepts, and to the degree that there is a non-trivial, non-obvious isomorphism between two concepts; that is, the degree to which one is evocative of the other, or where each informs and expands on the meaning of the other based on its attributes.

Isomorphic relationships based on the surface are technically analogies, but the obvious/trivial nature sets such likenesses apart from analogies (at least in human cognition). 

Analogy: Open The Door Of Your Analyzing Mind
Analogy: Open The Door Of Your Analysing Mind

Basic Concept Of Analogy

An analogy is a comparison of usually only two things which are very different. The comparison is unexpected. Similes and metaphors are analogies. A simile uses, as __ as, and other such words. Metaphors are the same comparisons but with the like (etc.) omitted.

Examples: “Jim eats like a pig.” Obviously, a man is not a pig – so how are they similar? Neither uses the manners which most people use while eating. The metaphor omits the “like”. “Jim is a pig! He shovels his food in his mouth and eats so fast he doesn’t seem to chew.”

What Are Some Good Analogies About Life?

Life is like climbing a mountain. You stumble at some point and try to avoid the same obstacles again. If you don’t learn, you’ll hurt yourself. And you have to keep climbing. In trying to look back on the past, you are getting down and losing precious time which could be used in climbing (moving ahead). Also, climbing a mountain without a purpose is worthless. You have to find your reason to expect something at the top rather than be shocked at what you find there.

Life is like a journey on the roads of an unknown place, whose map you have been provided. In childhood, you learn to read the legends and once you are done, you are on your own. You can chose to read the map and go places, or just cruise along the highway without ever knowing where you’ll end up. You can mark a destination on the map and go there and find that it was worth it or you can just ride along and end up at random places just to find that it was not what you were looking for.

What Is A Good Example Of Analogy?

Some Great Analogies Are:

Life is like a cup of tea, sip it before it becomes cold.

Like the noise having sense is called music, color making sense is called painting, so a life that makes sense is a story.

We are like a box of matchsticks that will never be lit without inspiration.

Analogy: Open The Door Of Your Analyzing Mind
Analogy: Open The Door Of Your Analyzing Mind

Finding a needle in a haystack is equivalent to finding a good human being.

The resemblance is a great analytical process to observe the real comparison between two things or different thoughts. It explains different doors to those topics and factors. You can also describe and go through them properly. If you want to go deep into some topics, you have to compare them, properly. This process of analogy is better for any research work also.

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