Best Korean Film Series To Cure Your Social Phobia

social phobia korean movie

One of the many popular Korean movies you can find on the internet is the Home tab. It stars Kim Tae Hee, who plays the role of an actor working in a small town in Korea. The movie has received a lot of popularity due to its excellent plot and the way it deals with social phobia issues that are common among people of Asian descent.

A recent episode of this movie has been viewed by countless people. In the movie sub Indo, we follow the story of a young girl named Bong Gooi. Bong is always complaining about how her classmates tease her and make fun of her looks. One day, she goes to her friend Min Joo’s house to hang out with him. While there, Bong gets the courage to talk about her fears and how she feels insecure because of her looks.

Webcam Video Calling Program

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Surprisingly, Min Joo supports Bong and offers help by allowing her to use his new webcam video calling program to make her imagination come true. This program allows Bong to talk to her classmates and other friends on the phone while she is at home. This eventually leads to Bong developing confidence in herself. She then calls Min Joo one night to invite him to her friend Bong Gooi’s house for a sleepover.

Many people wait until the first night of a new semester to watch the entire first season of this Korean drama. The good news is that you too can watch the Home tab in the comfort of your home using some online free full movie movies websites. To get full entertainment, you just need to choose the appropriate website that will suit your preferences. Here are the examples of the websites that you can visit if you want to enjoy this fantastic show:


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One of the most popular ways to get this fabulous show is to watch it online at YouTube. This is one of the best ways to experience the full story line of this Korean drama. Watch as many episodes as you can and absorb them as if they were being broadcasted in an English version. Check out the first season 1 episode below.

You Tube – In the second season of this Korean drama, Bong Myung goes on a trip with his friend Ki Hee. As always, Bong has no choice but to follow through and explore the world. If you live in the United States, this is a great chance to watch beans online free using YouTube. Watch as he makes new friends and goes on adventures with Ki Hee. This full movie full of Korean drama Seoul is a great way to enjoy the beautiful music and the powerful emotions expressed by the characters.


In addition to watching the movie on YouTube, you can also choose to watch the entire series at iTunes. The quality of the shows are high and the English subtitles help to make the transition easier for some people who are not entirely fluent in Korean. Of course, you can always pay close attention to the movie subtitles and pay special attention to any facial expressions because these are some of the best places to pick up Korean movies’ subtle nuances that you may miss if you are just watching the movie in its original version.

Wrapping Up

For a movie lover, watching Korean movies online is one of the easiest ways to have a cultural experience. By this, we mean that you can easily connect with the characters and situations in the Korean movie. Just like the other examples given above, this is a great way to enjoy the full story line of the movie while immersing yourself into the characters’ world.

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