Body Language Signs To Look For When Someone Is Lying

body language signs

Body language is the soul of Communication. Most of the times what we speak doesn’t matter as much as how we speak it. In this era of deluded realities, everyone is lying at some front and in many cases, a single lie could have a devastating effect on our lives but the liar may sleep like a baby. Words may lie but not actions so, next time when you feel like someone is lying you can look for these body language signs to confirm your suspicion.

Hand Movement

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Liars tend to show comparatively more hand movement and at the same time, they will show their hand gestures after their statement and not while speaking. This happens because the mind is so involved in creating the lie that responding gets delayed. The University of Michigan also in a study found that liars use both hands to gesture compared to ones speaking the truth.


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If you find that a person is rolling their lips before speaking something it can be a warning sign that they are lying and combined with the tone of voice, If you notice that their voice has a higher pitch than usual or they are unusually getting louder in speaking then it is also a sign that they are lying.


It is indeed true that eyes don’t lie, So next time while speaking to someone if you notice that their eye movement is shifty and they are in different directions before speaking especially before some crucial statement and their blink rate far from normal then it is a very good sign of untruthful words coming out their mouth.

Itching or unusual touching

When we lie our mind usually comes under stress and in most cases, people get anxious even though they may not show it but their subconscious gives it away. If someone while talking gets unusual itching around the nose, neck or hands or they are frequently touching these parts then it is a clear sign that not everything coming out of their mouth is true.

Too much or too less

If you notice that person is either speaking way too little or explaining too much then it is a sign of lying. No one wants to come out as a liar and in this attempt either they speak less because of fear that loopholes in details might be caught or they speak too much to cover everything like mentioning irrelevant details.


Lying is an art the same way deception is, a magician is nothing apart from a liar? It’s just that we are not able to catch him and as we know that not everyone can be a magician because we are not natural liars and have evolved in that way so most people who lie may have control over their words but not the body and by keeping in mind these signs you can easily spot a liar.

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