Disc Assessment Training: Can You Use Cognitive Approach?

Disc Assessment Training: Can You Use Cognitive Approach?

At times, faulty behavioral patterns and thoughts can lead to psychological problems. For discovering the root of the problems, psychologists use disc assessment training. This training gives them an insight into the patient’s behavioral and personality characteristics. Many businesses are using it for better team management. If you are planning to use it, continue reading this article.

Disc assessment training or test help you get access to information about yourself and the way you are interacting with people around you. With this, you can easily find out what motivates you and what doesn’t. So, you can use the information to solve problems. Also, using this data, you can modify your behavior when you interact with certain people and work on your professional relationships.

Disc Assessment Training: Can You Use Cognitive Approach?
Disc Assessment Training: Can You Use Cognitive Approach?

Benefits Of Disc Assessment Training: A Cognitive Approach

Success, individually, as well as inside the team is determined by how people are communicating with each other. The training recognizes that people are different. Thus, they come with different needs to interact with each other. When an individual becomes aware of their personality and the personality of other people, they tend to communicate better.  

Evaluating the employee or team member’s need to communicate allows the optimization of the information flow. The theory behind this is, the more people come to know about how they or their colleagues are managing information, the better is the interpersonal relationships. Thus, it develops a better work environment.

With the interpretation of the weaknesses and strengths of some DISC profiles, an individual will be able to develop a flexible approach in regards to professional communication. People are adapting behavior which is suitable to their immediate surrounding.

DISC assessment helps to understand how different profile types can receive and send information. Thus, you can easily avoid misinterpretation and conflict.

For a team leader or a manager, knowing what can distress or motivate the various profile types in the workplace can be an excellent way to get the best out of the team.

Who Can Take Advantage Of The DISC Assessment?

It might be difficult to assess which companies are going to use DISC assessment training as a significant aspect of their hiring process. This is because it doesn’t assess aptitude or skills specific to a position. Also, it doesn’t predict the possibility of the success of a prospective employee.

Nevertheless, it is definitely true that various organizations are using DISC theory based on a personal profile system. At present, about 70% of the Fortune 500 companies have taken advantage of DISC assessment training at some point in their business.

Disc Assessment Training: Can You Use Cognitive Approach?
Disc Assessment Training: Can You Use Cognitive Approach?

What More To Learn?

DISC assessment training model takes inspiration from Dr. William Martson’s theories. He is the author of The Emotions of Normal People in the year 1928. According to him, humans act 4 different instincts. These 4 drives influence our behavioral patterns.

However, he is not the one to come up with the original concept. It was in 1956 that Walter Clarke, the industrial psychologists who coined DISC profile training or test on the basis of Martson’s theory. The 4 types of DISC profile types are dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. This is how DISC gets its name. 

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