Do You Look for Body Language Signs While On a Date

men's body language

A man’s body language is perhaps the gate-keeper to his thoughts, even if he deliberately not saying things. Men’s body language is one thing where they show how they’re feeling. Tilts of the head, smile, and hand gestures, among others, explain everything about a man and you can know it all if you know how to read body language.

Women too love the men who show that they care rather than the ones who tell them that they do. If you want an inside world of body language, then there are few movements that you should look out for. Below are mentioned common seven points that will help you analyze men’s body language signs.

Open Body Language –

Water next to the ocean

If you see a man with hands and arms uncrossed and his shoulders are relaxed means, it’s an indication that the guy is not just curious but is also attentive to you.

Visible Hands –

A man standing in front of a building

This is indeed a good thing if the guy next to you is not chilling his hands in his pocket or putting his hands behind his back. If the guy is comfortable with you, you can physically see his hands.


Tilts Head in Two Directions –

You must have noticed that a dog tilts his head whenever a new sound is made. You can consider your guy fluffy puppers in this case. If your guy tilts his head sideways means he has tuned in and is curious.


Relaxed Breathing –

If a man breathes at a slow pace means it’s an indication that he is comfortable around you. This sign is an indication that he is fully by himself and is relaxed.


Clammy Hands –

If you find that your guy’s palms are bit sweaty means he’s hot, but at the same time, it also means that he is nervous. However, being nervous doesn’t mean that he is not into you. Perhaps they want to say something but don’t want to mess it by saying.


Inadvertently Touches or Grazes You –

He can be accidentally be touching your hand or hitting your foot under the table, consider it a great contact sign because that means that he wants to get close to you. He may not be able to say it but a men’s body language says it all.


Facial Flushing –

A stress reaction is natural if someone is really into someone. The adrenaline gets released due to stress and that can lead to facial flushing. However, this is a good sign as this shows that he is totally into you.


In addition to the above-mentioned signs, there are various other signs as well. If you are getting mixed signals with the way he talks then considering the sign language is very important. There are various men’s body language signs that will help you gauge what is really going on in his head and heart. Reading a men’s body language sign is not easy but his body language will suggest you if he likes you secretly.      

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