Follow This Four Stepped Cure For Social Phobia to Gain the Confidence

cure for social phobia

We all are surviving social anxiety or phobia in some way or the other. If some find it difficult to gel up with their classmates, others cannot even get out of their comfort zone. However, this condition is very normal and does not have any serious repercussions. But, there is a serious need to overcome this. There is no medication or any hard and fast cure for social phobia, but what’s the harm in taking baby steps? Here are four effective ways to develop confidence and overcome this problem.

1. Body Language

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Your body language is just a reflection of your feelings and thoughts in a particular social set-up. For socially anxious people, they find it difficult to maintain a steady body language because they have a train of thoughts running in their minds. Either they try to become invisible by secluding themselves or avoid eye contact with people. Therefore, one must remain confident in any social set-up, even if they are finding it difficult to do. It’s more about playing the part.

2. Socialize

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We know that there is no cure for social phobia and socially anxious people try hard to socialize with people. In most cases, they cannot even talk to their friends about a petty issue. For these people, the best thing to do is to find social events which match their tastes and interests, for example, a book talk or a seminar. Not only they will find a bunch of similar-minded personalities there but also boost their confidence by talking to them.

3. Maintain A Journal

Yes, people really do this. Journal writing is a highly effective method for most people to find a cure for social phobia that they are facing. It’s more about keeping a record of interactions that they are engaging in. This, later on, becomes a reminder as to how much they have succeeded in overcoming the problem. All you have to do is take out ten minutes and write down about your interactions with people and check to what extent you didn’t feel any sort of nervousness.

4. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Socially anxious people mostly remain confined to their comfort zone just to avoid interactions with people. But this, in the long run, can make them socially inept. Try spending ten minutes on your balcony or go to the nearby store to buy groceries. Unless you take baby steps, you won’t find any cure for social phobia that’s bothering you. Just get up and start facing your fears.

Find Your People!

The best way to overcome a social phobia is to surround yourself with people who can bring out the best in you. Since there is no specific cure for social phobia, all you gotta do is give your best. Do five minutes of meditation every day and heal yourself slowly.

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