Four Ways To Reading Male Body Language

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If you know what you are looking for then it will be very easy for you to know the body language of men. Men have some particular ways to stand, to gesture with their hands, to shake hands and the use of their eyes will give you the exact idea about their real attitude and emotions. The definition of body language of any person can be reflexive and non-reflexive. It is a part of the whole body that wants to communicate a message or emotion with the outside world. This can be regarded as conscious or subconscious body messages which are sent by a man to his opposite person. The language of a body is very common. Studies have shown that the language of men has a variation, almost 50 to 80% of communications made by our body language. Here are some tips for reading male body language.

  1. Dominant Stance
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If a man is standing with his shoulder squared off and his hips are facing forward with his hands down at the sides, it is called a dominant stance. Then you have to understand that the man must be very confident and feels that he can dominate the person with whom he is talking. A man also uses this stance whenever he wants to get dominant over someone which is not necessary. This is a way of reading male body language.

  1. Hand Gestures
A close up of a hand

There are so many ways reading male body language. When it comes to hand gestures then the body language of men is really different from any other women. Hand gestures for men are more difficult and they do not consider it as a conscious display for body language. Sometimes hand gestures are used to make someone understand a point. Hand Gestures of men sometimes display their real attitude and emotion. 

  1. Touching The Face

Men used to touch their face in certain conversations. Touching the face is a sign of anxiety. Worriedness and dishonesty. Many experts say that men touch their face while bluffing. Politicians do this same thing when they deliver dishonest speeches to people. Some men used to touch their face when they felt anxiety, especially in a job interview. This is another way of reading male body language.

  1. Eye Language

There are so many ways reading male body language. For every person eyes always convey a message. We all believe that eyes are the purest soul. Sometimes it will be in your control where you are staring at but you will not be able to control others eye movement. These are fully subconscious. Eye language always provides you ideas about what the person on your opposite is thinking or feeling. 

Bottom Lines

Body language is very important for everyone. Misunderstanding of body language can ruin or destroy any relationship or friendship. Your body language should always be in your control. So here are some tips for reading male body language. 

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