Hand Gestures Meaning- Learn Them Now

hand gestures meaning

You might not know this, but gestures are a very integral part of our lives. You need to be super knowledgeable about body language and hand gestures. But remember that you are not the only one who feels awkward while talking and does not know where to keep their hands. If you have been listening to Ted talk, you should have known that most people who participated have used numerous hand gestures. According to the research, most people do not know why hand gestures are essential and some of the most amazing ones. There are numerous things that you should know about to enhance your body language for the better. 

Hand Gestures Are Essential.

As soon as you are born, you should be able to speak with your hands. The babies who have more hand gestures by the time they are 18 months old have better body language. Numerous baby hand gestures will tell you what they want. If they are putting their hands frequently in their mouths, it means that they are hungry. 

In addition to that, most of the people who use hand gestures can get more attention from other people. Remember that these gestures are not only an accessory but an integral part of the language. Most people say that they have no control over their hand gestures, but with gradual practice, you will be able to have optimum control. Not many people know about it, but nonverbal communication is understood more than verbal ones. 

How To Begin Speaking With Your Hands

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Report getting into the top 10 hand gestures; it is essential to communicate appropriately using your hands. 

First, you have to think that you are in a box. You have to understand how much space you can consume whenever you are speaking with your hands. Try to keep the area of your hand gestures within the range of your chest to your waist. If you go outside, it can show that you have a distracting attitude. Your gestures must have a proper purpose, and you know what you are saying. The more smoothly you can do them, the better it will grab the attention of the listeners. The best way to practice is to start filming yourself to check out whenever you are wrong. 

Popular Hand Gestures

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Listing techniques- this is one of the most fundamental hand gestures that you know about. It will add movement to the conversation, and you can show your fingers for counting the list. 

A small bit-if you want to show something tiny, you can always use your hands to show the same. It is an adorable and precise hand gesture that will make the communication way more interesting. 


Numerous basic hand gestures never need much practice, and they will give you a better level of communication. So you should check out some of these and start practicing them right away. 

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