High Self-Esteem – First Step Towards A Fruitful Life

high self esteem

Self-esteem reflects the opinions that you hold about yourself, and particularly about your worth. In other words, self-esteem reflects how you judge yourself. It is essential to have high self-esteem to make out the best of yourself. One has high self-esteem when one believes that they are worthy and valuable individuals. It is essential for your mental health, as well. A person having a valuable opinion about himself or herself will be free of fears and anxieties. Such people are relatively happy in their everyday life. It also leads to a lot of stability in your personal and professional life and your physical and mental health.

Low Self-Esteem VS. High Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem reflects that you are not aware of your capabilities. Or, you hardly believe in yourself. It is not good for your overall well-being. People with low self-esteem live life according to others because they consider themselves unworthy. Such people focus more on their weaknesses rather than their strengths.

Whereas, people with high self-esteem know that they are of great worth to mankind. It is not that they do not focus on their weaknesses, but they are also well-aware of themselves. They focus more on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Such people try to find positivity in everything.

5 Tips To Build High Self-Esteem

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Low self-esteem isn’t a disease that can’t be cured. It is just a phase that only you can let pass. Here are a few tips that you can practice to convert your low self-esteem into relatively high self-esteem.


Meditation is a great way to discover your inner-self. It gives you immense peace and calmness. Take time and meditate. This way, you can efficiently eliminate a lot of negative thoughts and bring a lot of positivity into yourself.

Note Down your Accomplishments

Yes, it is a wonderful way to build high self-esteem. Take out a diary and list all of your accomplishments. Even if it is helping your family in the household chores, or physical activity, or helping a friend, etc., note it down. It can be a reminder of your abilities to you.

Read Something Inspirational

Good reading always helps. Check out some really good inspirational books or blogs. They can give your self-esteem a lift up.

Remove Negative People

Remove all those people from around you who are pessimistic. If they don’t have anything good to say, they certainly don’t deserve to be around you.

Learn a New Skill

Try learning a new skill or art, either online or offline. It can stimulate the brain and can help to increase the levels of your competency.


Believing in yourself is certainly the very first step towards high self-esteem and a happy life. Don’t be afraid of taking this little step forward. The world needs more positive people here. Be of value to yourself and to someone else. Even if you feel you aren’t capable of doing great things right now, you certainly are lying to yourself. Discard all negative thoughts. Buck up and carry high self-esteem. Also, high self-esteem doesn’t refer to extroverts. You surely don’t have to be an extrovert to believe in yourself. Just be you.

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