How To Interpret Donald Trump’s Body Language

donald trump body language

When you watch Donald Trump and his entourage at events, it’s amazing how his body language conveys a message. First impressions last. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to his body language. There is no other way to say this. He makes sure people know he’s the man for them by his choice of clothing and his willingness to shake hands and meet people in intimate ways. He wants to establish himself as the alpha male.

When we analyze the body language of Mr. Trump, we must be aware that he’s not afraid to let the ego come out. He is as confident as any man in our society and that comes from his self-esteem. It’s part of who he is and it’s part of the package he’s been given.

His Shirtless Look

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But we also know that when someone lacks self-confidence they try to compensate by trying more than they can handle. And they often do this in unhealthy ways. Their ego takes a back seat to their actual self. And when their ego isn’t high enough they become depressed or anxious.

So don’t worry about Donald and his shirtless look. That’s just his style. It’s also his personality and we should applaud that. It’s part of who he is. But don’t think the constant shirtless pictures on magazines are going to make you like him. They don’t.

Accept Himself The Way He Is

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We have all read articles where the author describes how he feels about being fat. He states it makes him feel like a failure. So don’t make him feel that way. Instead, admire his willingness to accept himself the way he is. Recognize that his body language is telling you he’s confident.

Look for the leanest, most relaxed shoulder when he holds a conversation with a friend. It shows he trusts us enough to open up to us. When you notice him watching over your shoulder, he’s evaluating you to see if you’re a good fit for him.

His Body Language Is His Eyes

Another thing to notice in his body language is his eyes. Donald Trump’s eyes are always focused on you. When he’s talking to you, he’ll fix his gaze on you as well. When he’s with someone else, he might glance around to take in what he’s seeing. This allows him to gauge your reaction and to know whether he’s starting to get a vibe from you or not.

And finally, don’t be afraid to compliment Donald. As women, we tend to be very timid around men we don’t know well. And that timidness gives us the opportunity to creep up on them. Donald knows this and he uses it to his advantage. Be sure to compliment him and you’ll get him to go home with you many times.

How To Hold A Conversation

Donald Trump knows how to hold a conversation. That’s just one of the many ways he communicates. When he’s talking to you, he maintains eye contact. He’s subtle about holding it but you can tell by his body language that he’s interested in you. And when he’s with someone else, he’ll do the same.

But what if you don’t speak a lot? Does that mean you can’t attract Donald Trump’s attention? Not necessarily. In fact, we already do it. Every time we meet a new person, we make eye contact. When we’re walking down the street, we wave. We even smile a little.

Final Words

All of these things convey to other people that we like what they’re doing and that we wish them well. Don’t misunderstand me though. There’s more to it than that. Eye contact, smiling, and even a nod are all important. However, having that little something extra is what will get you through that first date or that phone call.

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