How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem

There are some people to find it hard to believe in themselves. Having low self-esteem can hinder a lot of aspects in your life; this includes enthusiasm to try out new things, making new friends, and overcoming anxiety. 

Low self-esteem can be caused by a plethora of factors, such as past trauma, disapproval from people you value, not forgiving yourself for your previous shortcomings, and mental disorders such as depression and borderline personality disorder. 

If you want to overcome low self-esteem, here are a few things you can try. Remember, these are only steps that can help aid you in overcoming your internal struggle. If you suffer from more severe cases, it’s important that you call a professional. 

Get to know yourself better

advice on overcoming low self-esteem
Advice on overcoming low self-esteem

You may have different views from others, but always remember that you are valuable. You deserve to be treated right and to feel good. If you do not believe in yourself, make time for yourself, and discover the real value of yourself. 

In this personal journey, you would be able to appreciate yourself for who you are. And while you’re at it, you can also come up with a list of your achievements, goals, and things that make you proud. This is also the perfect time to reflect on your actions and confront negative thoughts about yourself. 

 Self-discovery is important. It’s a part of growing up and taking good care of yourself. 

Don’t compare yourself with others 

You know what they said: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And the same goes for you. Every person is unique, and you should not put yourself in a compromising position by comparing yourself with others. Everyone has their own pace, and they thrive under different circumstances. 

According to psychotherapists, comparing yourself to others can leave a negative impact on how you view yourself. It can also lead to stress and anxiety, which can ruin your work and relationships and contribute to the deterioration of your mental health. 

So stop comparing yourself to your colleagues and other people. Instead, focus on your self-growth. 

Surround yourself with the right people

how to cope with low self-esteem
How to cope with low self-esteem

If you are in a negative and toxic environment, whether it may be a workplace situation or a circle of friends, consider letting them go. If you are often criticized and underappreciated, it can harm your confidence and self-esteem. 

It’s high time that you take yourself out of that situation. Be with people who know how to value and appreciate you. They can help you see things in a positive light and can be a healthy support system. You would be surprised how much this could contribute to your ongoing journey to self-love. 

Take care of yourself

You might be disregarding yourself. Always remember that you must pause so you can attend to your personal needs. Taking a few steps back can help you unwind. There are many ways to take care of yourself. You can cook up a nice dinner for yourself, pick up a dusty book you have always craved to read from your shelves, or treat yourself to a warm bath, or implement an exercise routine. These few actions can help build your character and confidence. 

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