How To Read Body Language Signs And Decode The Emotions Of Others

reading body language

Reading body language can often give us clues about what someone is thinking or planning. Body language is not only used when people are talking but also while they are walking or doing some other activity. When you are reading someone’s body language, you may sometimes think that they are not truly showing their emotions because there are times when you don’t see it. It is natural to be cautious and read body language while someone else is talking and when you see them averting their body or making certain actions to make you think they are shy.

Reading body language gives us important nonverbal cues about what someone is thinking. Most of the time we cannot decipher what they are thinking, but the truth is that many of our bodily signals tell us whether they are thinking or not. From eye contact to the way a person carries themselves, body language shows what a particular person is thinking. Pay attention to these five major signals to determine whether they are nervous or not:

Experiencing Headaches

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People who experience frequent headaches are often considered to be very nervous. This may be because they are experiencing too much stress to think properly and thus, headaches are the result. But, people may also experience nervousness because they do not convey their messages clearly or they do not know how to communicate effectively with others. This is why reading body language correctly is so important in communication because it can help you or a loved one figure out where the communication is coming from and what to do to relieve the tension.

Some gestures or non-verbal cues are more significant than others when it comes to reading body language. For instance, having a firm handshake can be a big help in expressing trust because a strong handshake means that the person wants you to trust them. While some people may use palm sweating or other such non-verbal communication to make themselves look approachable, it is still just as important to have a firm handshake so as to leave a good impression.


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Verbal communication is not only limited to spoken words but to non-verbal communication as well. While some people may use facial expressions and gestures to convey feelings and emotions, others rely on more direct forms of communication such as reading body language or facial expressions to figure out what is going on in a given interaction. You will be able to better read body language if you pay attention to cues such as breathing and eye contact. Some people may not pay attention to these cues and thus unintentionally convey meanings that are not intended. However, paying attention to such nonverbal cues can help you gauge the overall tone of the conversation.

How To Read Body Language Signs

There are two primary factors that can help you determine what is going on with your partner when you are reading body language. First, both people in the relationship should be comfortable with each other. Second, both people in the relationship should be displaying nonverbal cues that are reliable. In order for one to determine what the other person’s intentions are, you have to know what their nonverbal cues are. Once you learn how to read body language, you will be better able to decipher what is going on between the two people in the relationship.

Some facial expressions are better than others when it comes to reading body language signals. People who tend to smile a lot may indicate that they are happy and confident while individuals who smile less may indicate that they are sad or are trying to hide their emotions. Smiles may also mean that the individual has a lot of confidence and is not threatened by anything. Some individuals may not smile because they need to control their nervousness while others may smile all the time just for fun.


It is also important to look for cues that indicate emotions. When someone shows signs of sadness or piques up their emotions, this is a good sign that they are upset or have low self-esteem. Someone who shows signs of enjoyment is happy and is enjoying life. Body language changes as we age so if you are noticing these cues in someone, then it is probably a good idea to get to know them better. There are many different ways to read other people’s nonverbal cues but knowing what to look for can help you to determine whether or not someone is being honest and is really happy or is just pretending to be happy to make you feel better.

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