How to Use Microposition With Nonverbal Communication

body language cues

Curious as to whether or not her hands, eyes, feet, thighs, and elbows are all hinting toward trouble in the relationship? If you are suspicious of infidelity, we have rounded up the most telling body language cues that experts say indicate the beginning of your downfall so you can begin to have those much-needed discussions with your spouse, should they be needed. If you are still in love, these tips will help you get what you want from your partner.

Flirting Navarro’s Law This is the one piece of Navarro’s work that most people agree is very important to catch a cheating spouse. When flirting, pay attention to the eyes. Does she look around your shoulder to see you as she talks to you or does she fix her gaze directly on yours? When women make eye contact, they may indicate they are attracted to you. When men make eye contact, they may indicate they are thinking about something or that they’re interested in you. Pay close attention to body language cues like this.

Body Language Cues

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Reading Body Language The next tip we have for you regarding cheating is to pay close attention to your partner’s body language when you engage in an intimate conversation. Notice when they cross their arms over their chest signaling they are worried or bothered by something. Watch out also when they straighten their legs signaling relaxation and trust in you. Also notice when they read body language such as when they smile, raise their eyebrows, and look at you strangely when you make, “That’s so dumb” -type eye contact.

Facial Expression The last of our tips on cheating is to watch for any changes in facial expression or tone of voice. Watch her eyes, wrinkles, pursed lips, squinting, coughing-all of these cues can tell you about a possible infidelity. Watch her mouth as well, watching how it shifts-somewhere from her mouth to her eyes. Cheaters will do anything to ensure they look good in front of you, so they will unconsciously use non-verbal communication as well. Pay attention to changes in facial expression and speech patterns and on that basis, document the changes.

Document All of This – The last tip is for you to document all of this information, no matter how subtle it is. Look back at the activities of the evening and take notes on what you saw your partner does and said. What did you notice about when you first met and then when you started hanging out together? When were you attracted to her and what did you feel when you started dating? These are all great body language cues you should be looking for.

A Much Ado

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Eye Contact When you are both looking at each other in the eyes, pay close attention to where the eyes are directed. If your partner is looking away from you while you are talking to her, this may indicate that she is flirting with you and wants to test your waters. This type of eye contact will mean that she isn’t looking directly at you but at some distant object in the room. Watch the angle of the eyes-do they follow each other’s gaze, or do they move apart slightly but remain looking at each other? The closer the eye contact with the more interested the person is in you, the more direct the eye contact, the greater the attraction level.

Nurture Your Body Language One very important nonverbal cue you should pay attention to is the body language of the person you are talking to. In fact, it is probably one of the most important nonverbal cues you can learn. Remember, body language is often the only window we have into a person’s true feelings, thoughts, and intentions. The right choice of posture and facial expression tells you everything about a person, including whether they are trying to flirt with you, or really interested in you. The eye contact is also telling you if they are intrigued by you.

Bottom Line

How to Use Micro position With Nonverbal Communication Finally, to use the micro position body language cue, stare into your partner’s eyes when they look away from you. Look directly into their eyes when you speak to them. Try it out for a few days and see how it feels for you. Notice how it changes your interactions. It is a great way to heighten your feelings without necessarily saying anything.

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