Interview Body Language – Learn About The Interview Basics For A Job

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Interviews are a big deal. Interviewing for jobs should not be taken lightly. Interviews are important for determining a quality of a person and to assess if he/she is fit for the skill. There are many aspects that an interviewer takes into consideration for choosing a candidate among a big swarm of people. Body language is one such aspect. An interviewer reads the body language of the candidate to learn more about them. Maintaining body language in interviews is important as it conveys a person’s nature whether a person is confident, focused, and goal-oriented, or simply bored, nervous, or insecure. There are some useful tips that a candidate can follow to have a better chance of getting a job. Few tips for body language during interviews include the following.

Interview Body Language – Better Posture

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During an interview, a person should sit upright in an erect position. When sitting in a chair, one should always sit firm and back onto it and not on the edge. Sitting on the edge may seem that one is nervous. Sitting in an upright position shows that one is confident and listening to the interviewer seriously. Hunching down or slumping in the seat is a sign of lack of energy, nervousness, or low self-esteem. The interviewer will realize the sign right away. One should sit upright, with appropriate foot alignment and hands on the front.

Interview Body Language – Appropriate Hand Gestures

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Hand gestures are important. One can keep the hands in front of them to show a disciplined posture. One of the effective ways to make a good impression from using body language is using hand in way of subtle gestures moving the fingers when explaining something. This shows that the person is passionate about the subject. It also showcases honesty, openness, and self-confidence. Avoid fiddling face or hair with the hands. It shows uncertainty and tense behavior. Crossing arms in the chest makes a person look defensive so one should avoid that as well.

Interview Body Language – Smile

A smile does a lot of wonders. Smile is one powerful weapon that can be used anywhere. Smiling makes a person appear more approachable and trustworthy. Avoid grinning as that would be too much. A small smile shows confidence. Do not display a lot of emotions, just the right ones at the right times.


Maintaining body language in such a way during interviews leads to a higher chance of getting selected and creating a better first impression of the interviewer. You are going to focus on getting your job which means you will have to perform very well during the interview. Most people do not get the job because they do not perform in interviews and that is because they do not have the confidence that they will get through. While the confidence is not revealed as it is to the interviewers, it is possible for them to judge by the postures and gestures you follow, which is why you have to focus on them.

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