Japanese Body Language – Know All The Signs That You Need To Know

japanese body language

Japan is highly known for its rich and highly commendable culture. They believe in giving and taking respect, and you will find Japanese people very polite. They speak slowly but fast and have unique Japanese body language that will not only attract others, but this Japanese body language makes Japanese people more respectable.

Know Japanese Body Language And How Hand Gestures Play An Important Role In The Communication 

Bowing In Japan – The Main Body Language 

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If you ever observe the Japanese body language closely, you will find how they meet and greet someone. Bowing is the main, or you can say regularly seen Japanese body language. Bowing in Japan not only shows respect towards someone but also shows how to greet people in a polite way. 

If you don’t know how to bow or fail at bowing, you will be considered someone who has bad manners. 

Pointing To Self – A Unique Gesture Of Japanese Body Language 

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When you talk about yourself in front of others, you generally keep a hand on your chest. But, in Japan, when people talk about themselves, they point a finger towards themselves precisely; they point a finger towards their nose. It means that they are referring to themselves and talking about themselves.

When You Want Others To Know To Come To You

When you want someone to come over to you, you will generally shout. Hey! Come over here. But in Japan, there is a unique body language and gesture to let others know that you are calling them.

Crossed Arms – Know The Negative Japanese Body Language

Whenever there is some sort of decline, or you do not follow the rules and regulations in any Japanese public place, you will see this ign. You will see the in charge of that place, making this sign to let you know that you are doing something wrong. 

You Want The Check/Bill – Make An X 

If you are out in any Japanese restaurant and you want a bill/check. You need to make an X with your fingers. Make this sign in front of the server, and he/she will know that you want the bill/check. 


Japanese are very respectable and love to present their culture, especially in front of strangers. Even counting on fingers and during conversations, you can also see Japanese reflecting Japanese body language. Also, you want to know more about Japanese body language; there are many places that can help you connect with the culture more than you can imagine. 

In Japan, people show hospitality to each and everyone, even strangers also. Japanese e body language exhibits their kindness, manners, and etiquette. You will feel overwhelmed and remember Japanese body language is not that difficult to learn.

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