Learn How To Use Humor In Public Speaking

Learn How To Use Humor In Public Speaking

Public speaking can get boring or amazing depending on the funny content you produce before the crowd. If you make them laugh, they will ease out a bit, and show interest in your sentences, ideas, and concepts. 

The thing is, nowadays, people rarely share jokes and funny stuff, because everything in the world has become gloomy, morose, and sad. Thanks to the mental health awareness, even a normally functioning brain has started questioning his or her actions, reactions, and the like, and linking them with depression or anxiety. Funny Public speaking skills always help people live their lives with humor.

Learn How To Use Humor In Public Speaking
Learn How To Use Humor In Public Speaking

Yet, if you ever feel like making a difference, and delivering a public speech using humor, and trying to spread happiness instead of the negative emotions that are creating havoc in the world, then here are some of the best markers to follow through.

Get To Know Your Audience Beforehand

It would be of great help and importance to you if you know the people you are addressing before. You must know their average age-groups, and their general interests, like what really brought them to listen.

Build And Break Expectations

For some concepts in your speech, you will need to build a little bit of suspense for your audience. When they least expect it, you must shower them with a funny joke. Just make sure, it is not an offensive one, like anywhere close to ethnicity, racism, sexism, or vulgarity. 

Use Dialogues And Conversations 

If your humor is as simple as an excellent conversation then nothing could excite your audience more than your jokes. Keep your conversations simple, funny, and clean. 

Try To Connect With The Audience While Public Speaking

You can only make someone laugh if you can wear their shoes, feel what they are feeling, and go through what they are going. For instance, you cannot share with an airplane joke with someone who rides a rickshaw. 

Get Out Of The Depression Bubble

In case, depression is your friend, then you cannot make anyone on this wide world laugh like hell. Sadness should not be shared as it can only make the other person even sadder. But if you joke a little in your public speaking, then you can only see your happiness spread to millions and millions of sad souls. 

Learn How To Use Humor In Public Speaking
Learn How To Use Humor In Public Speaking

Benefits Of Adding Humor To Your Public Speaking:

  • You turn out to be likable and approachable
  • Speech becomes 10 times interesting
  • Highlights your concepts
  • Makes the audience feel more connected
  • Keeps the audience’s attention span in check
  • Nothing makes the audience happier than a loud laughter
  • Helps in creating mental pictures for your ideas and concepts
  • Heavy concepts or incomprehensible concepts become light and understandable
  • Add a pinch of salt to your dull and dry topic
  • The audience will never forget who made them laugh the most
  • Laughter will create a space for you in the hearts of the audience
  • The audience will think of you as someone who is down to earth

A piece of humble advice to end with just don’t fumble when you joke.

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