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She is quite popular in the Peach State and has been doing quite well in the polls. She was asked by the Chair of the GA Hearing to leave the hearing room during the dispute. Here is the explanation of what happened during that episode.

Panel member Ron Corbett asked Elena about her position on gun control. Elena replied; “I do not support any legislation that infringes on the rights of gun owners to own guns.” She went on to say she is a strong Second Amendment supporter and had nothing to hide. Elena was then asked; “Do you believe that you are lying?” She answered; “I don’t know if I’m lying or not. It’s all possible.

Put Elena On The Defense

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After the Chair put Elena on the defense, the rest of the panel joined in. They brought out a lengthy list of what they considered as legitimate questions. Elena was asked if she had ever lied on her resume. She said she hadn’t; but that she would have to think about it.

After the long list of questions, the Chair put the matter to a vote. As is typical, there were only five members voting to remove Elena from the panel. Her removal was passed with a vote of twelve to six. How was this done? The Chair read the roll and the voice of the voting panel was added to the roll.

Remove Elena From The Panel

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After the Chair put the question to a vote, the entire panel silently looked at each other and silently voted to remove Elena from the panel. There was no glares, no yelling, no arguing and practically no reaction at all. No one stood up to object or raise a question.

Elena didn’t know that she was being tested. She was concentrating on the task at hand and totally absorbed in her work. However, the fact that all her communication is non-verbal made her body language all the more difficult to decipher. Elena just calmly said she could not remember anything about the question or her answers. So how would a person to translate the non-verbal body language of someone speaking very rapidly?

Listen To Body Language

The answer may be in learning how to listen to body language. First, you will need to learn to recognize body language. In fact, you’ll need to learn lots of different cues that can tell you about someone’s state of mind. Body language is actually very easy to learn once you get a hang of it. As long as you understand what gestures to make, you should be able to figure out somebody’s body language pretty quickly.

Bottom Lines

It is also important to remember that body language is not just about what is said, but more importantly, what isn’t said. Take the time to notice how your friend speaks when they are nervous or bored. This will give you a good indicator of when it’s best to back off and when it’s time to be more direct. Pay attention to what they do and don’t do and use that information later on in order to better understand them. That is, of course, unless you get a bit over excited and start fidgeting too much!

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