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body language lies

What exactly is body language? It is a form of nonverbal communication. In other words, it is the way you “speak” to others. The “body language” in question here is one’s posture, whether you are sitting standing or walking. A person who is lying will most likely have their eyes closed and will most likely not be leaning forward nor will there be any change in the way they hold themselves. People who are faking body language have a twitchy and twitching hand movement, a nervous twitch and often a shake.

Some of us know that eye contact is a very important aspect of body language. Eye contact conveys honesty, trustworthiness and an overall sense of truthfulness. You will notice that some people smile a lot, while others are not as open with their teeth. People who are lying will not make eye contact with anyone, most of the time they look straight ahead and will probably have their arms crossed either behind their back or on their sides. Someone who is faking or who is doing something they are not actually are doing this because they are trying to get the attention of someone else so they can see if there is a reaction and so they can start up a conversation.

Ekman syndrome and nonverbal communication are two things that are closely linked. If you look at those who have been successful in life, both the successful and unsuccessful people have Ekman syndrome. This is something that is hard to explain but can be seen for yourself. Someone who is successful does not have as many speech errors as someone who is unsuccessful. Successful people smile a lot, have a positive attitude and they do not hold their head so high.

Ekman syndrome is also the reason why successful people sometimes seem to be nervous while successful people sometimes seem to be relaxed. Those with severe cases of Ekman syndrome often have an accent or a North American accent. This is just one of the body language lies that people use to hide the truth. It’s like they are afraid of looking bad so they say these things in front of the mirror and they are smiling even though they know it’s not real. It’s called covering their body language lies.

It’s hard to lie because you look too much like the other person. When you are lying your eyes will look into the person’s eyes but when you are talking you are glancing around to make sure no one sees your body language lies. You have to realize that the eyes are the windows to the soul so if you are going to make a really big statement you have to remember to keep eye contact. You can always look away from the other person but if you look into their eyes and make slight eye contact then they will feel comfortable and welcome and most likely they won’t try to cross you out of fear.

Final Words

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You should learn more about body language lies because it will help you understand others. You have to understand how someone else thinks and how to read body language. When you learn these skills, you will be able to understand more subtle body language. This is important in many different aspects of life and if you are going into a relationship or getting a job interview you need to make sure you sound confident and you sound as though you are interested in the position. Don’t try to sound too much like you’re bored, this may come across as you’re not interested. This is a good trick to use with your dates and when you are talking with friends.

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