Listening Skills – How To Improve With Practice

Listening Skills - How To Improve With Practice

If you want to improve your listening skills, the first thing you need to do is get comfortable talking with people. But even if you are already comfortable talking with others, learning new ways to communicate will help you develop better listening skills.

A basic step to take to improve your listening skills is to talk in a smaller group of people. This gives you the opportunity to become familiar with who each person is. This helps you feel more comfortable talking to each person and also makes it easier to hear what they are saying. For instance, you may talk to a group of five people and start hearing their conversation and come up with different topics to discuss.

How To Improve Your Listening Skills Practice With People?

Listening Skills - How To Improve With Practice
Listening Skills – How To Improve With Practice

However, the moment you start listening to a particular group of people, it can be very difficult to get comfortable with. Listening is a skill that requires you to be able to listen intently to what other people are saying. You must learn how to listen intently to them and not interrupt or move away from the group.

By practicing this kind of listening you are training your mind to hear more detail and allow you to hear the words clearly. In this way, you can identify what each person is saying. And then you can choose the right words to connect with them. But you cannot get comfortable with just one group.

Try to find another group to interact with each day and stay within your social circle. Start by talking to only one person at a time but try to use your common ground. If you have an interest in gardening, then start by talking about how good it feels to be able to water the plants.

Once you’ve established your own interests, keep talking with one person at a time. You can continue by asking questions, while still maintaining your common ground. And by the end of the conversation, you’ll probably feel more comfortable when you start talking to a group of people.

How To Set Proper Environment To Improve Your Skills?

Listening Skills - How to Improve With Practice
Listening Skills – How to Improve With Practice

When you’re talking to a group of people in an informal setting such as a lunch meeting, talk about what you like about your environment. Think about the things that make it enjoyable and how you can make it more enjoyable.

Use this information to build upon each other’s experiences, and talk about your own problems as well. As well, you can talk about how you found it helpful to talk about these things and to give people feedback.

Once you’ve established your common ground, try to find other people who you can talk to. They can act like your friends so that you can continue to talk with them. You will be surprised how quickly this improves your listening skills.

Talk to people from all kinds of backgrounds. Find people from various walks of life and different types of groups. You will enjoy your conversations and you will probably be able to get comfortable talking to anyone.

Try to find out where the group came from and where they were headed. Sometimes, group members join groups for a reason. Perhaps the group was formed because someone already knew everyone in the group and wanted to build a closer bond.


Through practice, you will improve your listening skills with any group. However, when you first start out, try to make as many friends as possible and find groups that you are comfortable with.

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