Male Body Language Attraction – How to Seduce a Female With Your Mind

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Do you know that sitting in a place where you have total confidence can be an advantage? Do you know how a woman’s reaction towards a man changes her level of interest and trust once she is seated near him? This is one of the most important and overlooked aspect of attraction. If you could learn this simple technique, then you will be able to make any girl you want to be attracted to sit up and take notice. So, what are you waiting for?

Find Out How To Seduce Women

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You too can find out how to seduce women and get them to do what you want by learning these simple techniques. The first step is to know exactly what makes a girl feel attracted to a guy. You need to know what appeals to her and what doesn’t. Once you are aware of these, you will be able to better control the way you behave and interact around her.

The next step to knowing how to seduce a female is to understand the female response to male body language. How does she respond to certain words and gestures? Is she showing signs of approval or rejection? Once you get to know the female mind well enough, you can easily manipulate it to suit your needs. You can even use this information to direct her in the right direction and avoid making mistakes which can kill off any romantic mood.

Knowing how to seduce a woman doesn’t mean just pointing to the crotch and saying ‘there you are’. You need to know where to get to first and then use various seductive poses to get her there. Make sure that you get into the nooks and crannies of her body and work your way from the top to the bottom. You want to be able to get her aroused and lubricated first before you start touching and feeling her.

Best Places To Get A Woman Excited

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The best places to get a woman excited are her neck, ears, shoulders and back. These are all areas which are highly sensitive for her and are highly noticeable when you know how to pick up on them. You can play with her nipples for her to become more sexually aroused. This is known as ‘tapping’ and is one of the best ways to get her in the mood. Get your fingers inside her ears as well and this will send tingles throughout her body.

Take Note Of Her Body Language

You want to take note of her body language attraction as you do this. The two of you should have an attractive and warm connection. You should be able to tell by the look on her face whether she is attracted to you. If she isn’t, keep on trying but don’t become discouraged. Keep trying and being persistent because if you give up in the end, she will never feel the same way about you and won’t be attracted to you.

Final Words

Make sure you’re in a relaxed state of mind. There is nothing worse than someone who is stressed out and acting like an overactive dog. The whole point here is to make her want you and to be with you. You’re not chasing her or trying to win her over. Let her discover who she’s really attracted too.

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