Memorize: Develop Your Mind To Grow More In Your Life

Memorize: Develop Your Mind To Grow More In Your Life

How Do I Memorize Faster?

When we memorize things, we understand it and then find tricks to remember it for a long time. Although cramming can also be a way to memorize this is not the case here.

Don’t Stress Yourself To Memorize

When you are trying to memorize anything, do not stress, or else this would lead to short term memory and you will forget it later. Listen carefully and completely. Understand it and repeat it in your mind (if possible). Pen it down, make notes and read it when you have time.

Memorize: Develop Your Mind To Grow More In Your Life
Memorize: Develop Your Mind To Grow More In Your Life

Arrange Letters

Make points of what you have to memorize, arrange the first letters and make it into some word, funny or anything easy to remember, so that you can recall the same when you need it.

Relating Stories

While you are listening or reading something, make it interesting. Make it funny, weird or even vulgar (just in your mind), because these are the things you don’t forget easily. Imagine and create some weird cartoon stories related to this. For example:

Visualize Force

Think about the tug of war thing and relate it to this and you will remember.

Current Visualization

Think about the electrons floating inside the wire, connecting with the protons, creating a charge.

You can even watch some videos related to these topics to enhance your imagination.


It’s tough to remember dates and numbers. Create some formulas, add, subtract, multiply, divide and create something interesting, so that you may remember.

Teaching Techniques To Memorize

When you learn something, teach it to someone, your friend or colleagues, or if you don’t have anyone, keep your pillow or stuffed toy and teach it like the way you want. When you teach, things become clearer.


Repeating the words again and again till the time we can repeat the whole thing without even looking at it. Say it out loud, it may appear to sound awkward at first but don’t worry about it.

Record Your Words

Record what you said after memorizing it. At first, you can read and record, later you can do it without seeing. Listen to what you have recorded and correct your own mistakes.

Mirror Trick To Memorize

It is when you have to give a speech or a presentation. Talking in front of a crowd is not easy. Repeat your words again and again and practice in front of the mirror. Show confidence in what you say, use your hands while expressing your words. At first, you can use a paper to see when you forget but later you will be able to do that without it also.

What Is The Best Way To Memorize Anything You Read?

1. Your Mind Should Be Prepared

To memorize, habit some relaxation sequences along-with deep but slow diaphragmatic breathing. This will help your mind to focus & prevents the thoughts which could distract us. This creates a clam & productive mindset along-with a physically relaxed body. 

2. Outline The Ending Before Starting

First, know (have an idea) about your ultimate requirement. Memorization is completely dependent on the technique you can adopt. So, whatever you are trying to memorize that should be outlined first. After that read the information according to the outline to avoid reading unnecessary data. Also, you can then have an idea about how much time you need to read that.

Memorize: Develop Your Mind To Grow More In Your Life
Memorize: Develop Your Mind To Grow More In Your Life

3. Use Your Imagination

Draw a picture or try visualizing in your mind about the information/story you are reading.

These will enable you to memorize the topic for a longer time. This is the reason we can remember audio-visual advertisements more than the text or printed advertisement. 

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