Must-Read Books For Public Speaking

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Public speaking never comes easy. You have knowledge to disseminate, but your public speaking skill isn’t topnotch. You may even be someone who can’t find what to say once you get on the stage. Experts in the field have written several books to help with public speaking. This is why we’ve put together some must-read books for public speaking.

The Art of Public Speaking By Dale Carnegie

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From the Author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie delivered yet another timeless book. Yes, he may be a 1900 author, but you won’t list top public speaking books without mentioning Art of Public Speaking. The book discusses aspects leading up to successful public speaking including your confidence, positivity, believe in yourself, constant practice, and also passion. This book discusses the basics of public speaking. You should also look out for Dale Carnegie’s other books including ‘The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking’ and ‘How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking’.

‘Talk Like TED’ By Carmine Gallo

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This book is for you If you aspire to grace the TED stage one day and have success. Numerous successful speakers have graced the TED stage, leading Carmine Gallo to writing an all-inclusive guide to having success on the TED stage. Gallo is a business communication expert who has featured severally in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and also Forbes.Gallo came up with this book after studying several TED talks and interviewing successful TED presenters. The book contains 9 easily-mastered methods employed by successful TED speakers. Concepts that affect a talk like emotion, as well as memorability are discussed. In Gallo’s author catalogue is another public speaking book worth reading; The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

‘Confessions Of A Public Speaker’ By Scott Berkun

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This book is arguably one of the best books of all time on public speaking, what with the practicality it presents, as well as the engaging humor contained. Being a professional speaker himself, Berkun practically gives a guide to successful public speaking based on experience. Confessions of a Public Speaker combines scientific study with numerous years of lecturing, to being a must-read book on public speaking. Berkun not only gave advice on having a successful speaking career, he also gave numerous hilarious examples as you read through the book.

Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas On Presentation Design And Delivery By Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds is a communication consultant recognized worldwide. Using principles from Japanese Zen, Reynolds explains how to make efficient presentation deliveries. He advises speakers to make presentations simple, not lose focus, and also imbibe storytelling into their presentations. Also included in the book are tips to making catchy and informative slide design and slide delivery. With this book, you get to learn how to present even the oldest idea in a new way. Main idea is to keep it simple and efficient.


Experts have written numerous books on public speaking over the years. The aim is to get you to be one of the best public speakers. Hence, we discuss must-read books for public speaking.

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