Performance Anxiety – How To Cope With This Anxiety

performance anxiety

In this competitive world, it is only common to have some performance and society and it is the fear about your ability to perform a certain task. Now you don’t have to be unable to have that fear. Even people with several years of experience might feel performance anxiety when they are asked to do an important task in front of someone even if they have been doing the task for years now. The root cause of this performance anxiety would be a person believing that failure will result in humiliation and rejection. In this article, we will be discussing more performance anxiety issues and how to combat them.

Basics Of Performance Anxiety

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You should understand that this anxiety can vary between individuals. Like we said earlier, people with experience can also have performance anxiety and some people can have mild nervousness before doing the task while some can get to an extent wherein they have panic attacks. If you are experiencing severe performance anxiety issues, then it is only wise to get help from a therapist.

Performance anxiety is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy and there is a flight of response from the body distracting the person from doing what they are supposed to do an impact on their performance. It could be as simple as a shake in the voice when you are singing or forget the outline you are talking about if you are a public speaker.


The first you have to understand about performance anxiety is that having stage fright for such as is not a mental disorder and it is more of a normal reaction to any stressful situation. It is only that some people may experience more anxiety that will interfere with their ability to perform. There are a few common symptoms of stage fright and it would be shaking, nausea, trying to back out of the performance, excessive sweating, and high blood pressure. That is also a common feeling that most people would experience the feeling that there is a knot in the stomach.

Combating the Issues

Again, it is important to understand that this is not a mental disorder and it is more of a response to stress. There are two different types of solutions for this problem if you are having mild nervousness before any performance. Remember that there is always a way out even if you do anything wrong at all during the performance. The second strategy would be to have a meal a few hours before the performance and do a little rehearsal and not force yourself to do your best. It is important to believe in yourself if you want to combat this issue. Then, make sure to acknowledge the importance of the event and have someone or any beloved item (memory) that will give you unconditional moral support.


Like we said earlier, mild nervousness can be treated with simple solutions but if you are facing panic attacks, it is better to consult a therapist. Also, you have to remember that performance anxiety does not necessarily go away if you stop performing. Instead, you have to keep facing the fear to get rid of it. 

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