Practice More To Change Your Skills Into Talent

Practice More To Change Your Skills Into Talent

Practice Makes Perfection

Repetition makes something easier to do. Think of it this way, the first time you tried to do anything, say, hold a spoon and feed yourself. It is real practice. It seemed to you very tough. You were young then, the spoon looked like a shovel. It was hard enough to pick it up by itself. You smeared food all over your face and clothes, and the floor.

But look at you now. You at times eat when watching the TV or reading or while doing something else. You don’t necessarily have to concentrate on the plate and calculate how the spoon is going to go from the plate to your mouth without any detours.

Practice More To Change Your Skills Into Talent
Practice More To Change Your Skills Into Talent

That’s the same with everything. A couple of days ago, a friend of mine shared something so simple but so profound at the same thing. He told me,” Make it basic. Be in a position to be able to explain XYZ like the meal you had last night.” He told me that concerning my studies. The same is the key to success in all fields.

Features Of Practice

I think that goes hand in hand with what is rumored to have been said by Einstein. If you can’t make a five-year-old child understand it, then you haven’t enough understood it yourself.

The main reason behind the painful repetition of one thing is to become a master at it, hence perfection.

Who would you fear most, someone who has practiced 10,000 kicks one time or someone who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times?

Is Practice The Only Way To Get Better At Something?

Practice is the minimum you need to get better at something. Without pushing yourself to achieve specific goals or a good process you might not get anything out of your practice.

I’ll use design and workout analogies because I’m familiar with these areas. I’ll also try to be as comprehensive as I can.

Challenge Yourself

It’s easy to forget to do this. Part of this comes down to having specific goals. In the gym, I wanted to gain muscle mass, so I had weight targets I wanted to reach. I noticed that when I didn’t challenge myself and did the same workouts my body eventually stopped gaining muscle.

In the design challenge, I came in the form of taking on increasingly difficult projects or by being increasingly more ambitious with my projects despite their scope.

We have to work within limitations to some extent. When at the gym sometimes someone else is using the weight I want. I would then do more repetitions with a lighter weight.

If I can’t have a design project that challenges me, I would create them. If I had to design a website, I would pretend I’m designing for a bigger organization than I am and think about the challenges that would come with it. You’ll have to be careful not to lift more than you can handle, but enough for you to struggle.

Practice More To Change Your Skills Into Talent
Practice More To Change Your Skills Into Talent


Process, or rather how you do it, is just as important as what you do. In working out having bad form can lead to injury, but at best you just won’t make progress. If you’re lifting weights incorrectly, for example, you won’t work out the right muscle groups and you won’t gain strength. Working out more often won’t help.

In design, I got better by learning a process that prevented me from having to start over in design projects. Clients always tell me to “not worry about the content for now”. But then I would spend hours redesigning the same thing over and over. It was like being stuck at the same level as a game. I learned to practice and get as much content as I could upfront and then show clients my perfectly practiced drafts as I designed.

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