Public Speaking Tips – Create a Panic Attack and Go Broke

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If you want to learn some fun public speaking game for adults then this article was written for you! You are not alone; fear of public speaking is shared by almost 30% of Americans. In reality, public speaking is a very common fear felt by many people from all walks of life. Although speaking in front of a crowd is something most of us have experienced, it is also a common experience that we have become comfortable with. Therefore, the fear of public speaking is actually more common than most people think.

An Overview

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You may be nervous when giving a speech in front of an audience, but there are public speaking games to help you relax before you speak. In fact, some scientists actually are getting a lot of research done on the public speaking fear; they are studying why some people are just naturally more comfortable in front of a crowd and others have to work at making themselves comfortable in order to get any amount of speaking done. Some of the factors they are studying include physiology, psychology and even genetics.

You may be wondering exactly what Public Speaking Game is and how can it help you relax before you talk. The key factor in public speaking is to be aware of the size of the audience and how many people are present. This is very important because knowing your exact audience in advance will allow you to play on their minds and get as much information as possible from them. You need to know who is going to be in front of you and how many people you will have in front of you; this way you will be able to prepare your speech accordingly.

Public Speaking Tips

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One of the most popular public speaking games is the ‘aerial shot’ where public speakers address a room full of different birds. The first group to make it to the end of the speech is the ‘chirping group’; each member is given a paper and a marker and they have to say as many words as they can think of; the first person to finish will be deemed the winner. Then the other groups are introduced; the first to talk to the audience is the ‘speaking group’ who must then describe how they feel about the speech and the things they would like to see discussed. The final speaker is the ‘reader’ and must then read what was said and explain why; this last person will only have ten minutes to speak and must then sum up everything that was said and make a summary of what was said.

Public Speaking Games also helps in reducing stage fright and getting the Adrenalin flowing. The idea is for the speakers to read out what has been said and use body language, gestures and pace to show the audience the main points of their speech. They must then add details and facts. Some speakers will even memorise their speech and refer back to the facts and figures they have used during their speech. This makes the entire process sound more prepared and professional; this can however cause people to take a slight aback at the sheer number of facts that are being referred to. Another important factor is that when facts are used in the speeches, the speaker should not refer to any sources other than the facts themselves.

The ‘Audience Members’ part of the game can be used in both the public speaking game and the listening part. When in a committee or an organisation, everyone is required to listen and absorb what the speakers have to say. It is therefore important to never forget what the speakers have to say; it can be used to inspire or to simply listen to what they have to say. Using this technique in a business meeting or sales call can mean that you will always be listened too; remember, the more people you get involved, the more they feel involved and the more likely they are to remember what was said. Using the audience members again in the presentation, they will be required to take notes and remember everything that was said.

Last But Not Least

The final public speaking tips involve the famous ‘Forever True Story’. This is perhaps the most famous speech that a person can give and the one that is often best quoted as ‘the best way to lose weight is to do more of what you don’t do’. The story goes that Steve Jobs was once very nervous about giving a speech, and he used to hide his fear in the bag that he carried around with him. However, when he finally gave his speech, nobody noticed that he was hiding anything and everybody loved his speech. After his speech he went on to show everyone how great he was and people loved him for this speech, and for this he was able to make the transition from being a person who was really shy to a person who was extremely outgoing.

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