Read Male Body Language Signs

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Men’s body language can tell you a lot about what is going on in his mind. If a man glances at you without turning his head towards you, that means he is interested with you. It is an old male body language indication of lust.

There are many secret signals of attraction in the human body language of men. You can observe their facial expressions to see if they are interested in you or not. Facial expressions are one of the best secret signals of attraction because your subconscious picks up on these signals. As you know, every person has unique signals about the level of their attraction for another person.

Signs Of Lust

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There are also specific body language signs of lust which can be very good sign signals for him to feel attracted to you. Some of the common signs include, his eyes fix on you, pursing his lips slightly and closing his eyes for a second. Another is that his stomach starts to growl. All these can signal to him that he is attracted to you and wants to have a relationship with you.

In addition, you can also observe how men walk, sit or stand when in a crowd. Are they walking with their heads straight up? Do they have a confident expression? Some of these body language signals of attraction are really important because it gives you an idea about his level of attraction towards you. Here are some of the secret signals of attraction that you can use to determine his level of attraction for you:

Wants To Spend More Time With You

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When he starts to walk at a slow pace and holds his head up, this means that he is thinking about you and wants to spend more time with you. – When he starts to take small steps with his body, this means that he is feeling comfortable and most likely is thinking about you. – When he goes in for a kiss but keeps it light and relaxed, he is telling you that he is open to a romantic conversation or may be thinking of you and your true feelings for her.

Pay attention to his body language while talking. Is he leaning in close to you and facing your direction while talking? – Does he keep looking at the floor when you talk and avoid looking at you directly back? – He does not seem to be paying much attention when you make eye contact and laugh at his jokes? These are all good signs that he likes you and wants to be with you.

He Is Flirting With You

As you can see, there are specific body language signs that you can observe to determine his attraction level towards you. In addition, you can use these same body language signals to tell if he is flirting with you. You can also use it to flirt with him too! Watch out!

By learning how to read male body language, you can determine whether he is attracted to you or not. Do you like the idea of being able to use this information to get what you want? If you do, then learn more on the science of attraction and let your true love come shining through! Why waste your time with some guy who doesn’t really know how to turn you on if you can find the easy way to turn him on?

A Lot More Than Meets The Eye

Body language of men is a lot more than meets the eye. It actually comprises a variety of signals that most women don’t realize exist. That’s right, they just take note of his facial expressions and vocal cords to conclude that he likes you. Yes, those are things that men do subconsciously and without you realizing it. However, if you are able to tap into his deeper feelings, then you can get him to adore you instead of just noticing your physical qualities.

Did you know that the number one body language sign that men use to attract women is the gaze? This is an extremely good sign because it is almost like a female bird looking directly at you. 

Men look directly into women’s eyes as a sign of affection and desire. The eye contact is always open and wide open. This is a strong indication of attraction because the male body language signs of openness and wide open are very common for a woman looking for romance in a relationship. Keep reading to discover what this is and how you can use it to get him to love you.

Final Words

These facial expressions actually are quite useful because they make you appear as being friendly and approachable. Men will use these facial expressions to show that they are self-confident and in control of their emotions. When you are attracted to a man, this is the best way to approach him because you are already projecting the image of a good companion and lover. Try to do this whenever you are around him to show your interest and positive nature.

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