Reading Body Language By Communicating With Others

how to read body language

How to read body language? Reading the signs that your body shows can be an invaluable aid in understanding people. By understanding how they move and what their intentions are, you may learn to understand them far better. Below are several helpful tips to assist you learn how to read body language:

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Your eyes communicate a great deal about your personality and beliefs. First impressions are the most important, and the way people react to you is also often the lasting impression. Pay close attention to the way people around you dress, move and sit. Learn more about their language patterns and how you can most effectively communicate yourself by reading their expressions.

The goal is to manage stress, so learning how to read body language can be a good first step. Learning to interpret nonverbal signals can also help you manage your stress level. In particular, learning to interpret facial expression and tone of voice can be an effective way to relieve stress. People often have difficulty managing stress because they’re unable to recognize or interpret their own emotions. Learning to listen carefully to what they’re saying can help them connect their words to their emotional experiences.


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One of the most widely-known nonverbal signals is posture. People tend to hold certain postures for different meanings. For example, if someone is standing in a crowded room, he may be perceived as relaxed and balanced. Or a chair-person could likely be perceived as stooping over. Learning how to recognize and interpret posture helps you project healthy, confident and nonthreatening traits.

The same holds true for facial expressions. Some people use facial expressions to show happiness or stress. Others use it to transmit messages like “don’t talk to me!” Others use hand gestures to communicate nonverbally. Learning how to recognize these nonverbal communication is an important part of building good communication skills.

There’s a lot going on beneath those facial expressions. When people are talking, their thoughts and words are being communicated across their faces in a complex network of gestures, tonal changes and other nonverbal communication. This is why communication is such an important aspect of a company’s image and brand building efforts.

Eye Contact

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Another great way to learn how to read body language is through eye contact. If you can’t see a figure in person or have difficulty reading someone’s expressions, then it’s very difficult to evaluate their intentions. While a video call may seem relatively impersonal, many business people rely on the interpretation of facial expressions to determine whether or not their employees are seriously friendly or enthusiastic about the opportunity. A lot of this is based on interpretation of eye contact. If you can’t see the eyes of the person on the video call, then there’s a good chance that you’re not going to get a full grasp of how they are responding to you.

Reading nonverbal cues like facial expressions is a great way to get a better understanding of the signals being sent to us. We all have a lot of information to process when we are communicating with another person.

Wrapping Up

When we can’t fully process the messages we are sending, our communication is going to come down with a grain of salt. That said, having a good grasp of the structure of nonverbal communication is a useful skill to have. By understanding where and how nonverbal cues are used, we can make sure we are sending the right signals.

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