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Body language is an interesting thing, and Joe Navarrano is a master of it. He has developed a program that can help you understand what’s going on with people’s body language and also learn how to read it. Joe Navarrano is a former body language expert and copywriter who’s turned his passion for reading into a lucrative career. His latest book is titled The Missing Secret: How Body Language Can Tell You So Much About Anyone.

Body language is one of the most effective ways to communicate without words. People are naturally attracted to others based on their subtle movements. When you’re talking to someone you instantly understand how they are feeling based on how their body language reacts to you. Joe Navarrano explains in The Missing Secret how to use this concept to your advantage. It will change everything from how you interact with people to how well you connect with them.

Joe Navarro Body Language

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A lot of the time, we communicate through our body language. We speak, but our tone of voice, the flow of our speech, and even the structure of our sentences all come from our body language. We understand that when you’re angry, you raise your fists, you make an angry face, and your hands go to your side. Our interpretation of that behavior is based on our understanding of how our bodies act. If we don’t know how we react, we don’t know how we should react. As Joe Navarrano says, we can learn all the languages in the world, but unless we understand how our bodies respond, we’re still stuck.

If you’ve ever noticed, even if you didn’t pay attention during your class, other students were reading their books with their eyes focused on something, or listening to a story intently. Do you ever notice that when other people are talking, their eyes are constantly fixated on something? That’s because they’re paying attention to the way their body language is flowing. So naturally, when they’re reading or doing an activity, they’re watching their body language and their expressions.

When I was a kid, we read books aloud. At times, I think that reading aloud adds to the mystery of reading: the tension between what the character is feeling and what the reader is feeling adds to the meaning. Sometimes, when reading aloud, my classmates would start laughing. They said that when you read your work aloud, it kind of intimidated by the other students.

A Much Ado

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But, for me, reading silently made me feel calmer. It relaxed me and provided me with an easier time connecting with my characters. And, it turned out that other students started mimicking the way I did. They were starting to pick up on my body language.

Today, students from all over the world are learning to pay attention to their own body language, when they’re reading or doing an activity. In fact, if you don’t want to be a leader in this movement, you could help lead the way, by reading this book. The Power of Body Language is a simple guide that will help you quickly increase your reading speed and improve your comprehension. Joe Navarrano has done more than simply write a book about how to do this. He has developed a system to teach others to do the same.

Final Words

I highly recommend this book to people who are reading. There’s no reason why you can’t learn from it too. If you have trouble with comprehension, then you’ll really need this book. It is extremely practical. It’s also very easy to understand and it doesn’t require a lot of background knowledge.

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