Reading Mens Body Language Of Attraction

reading men's body language of attraction

If you are confused over a man who is coming over you, trying to grab your attention at once and again suddenly running away from you, you might definitely want to know what is cooking in his mind. It is not that easy to find out what is running in a man’s mind. However, there are few signs of body language of attraction that you can observe in a man to find out if he is attracted to you or not. We have listed out some very commonly signaled body language of attraction by most men here. So without further ado, dive in to know them.

Body Language

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Body language plays a crucial role in displaying one’s feelings. It is something that we cannot do intentionally. It is a very natural phenomenon and we don’t hold any control over it whatsoever.

Eye Contact

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When a man is interested in you, he will probably make eye contact all throughout your conversation. His eyes linger around you all the time. You can notice that his looks are more intense than anyone’s.

Setting Hair

He is more concerned about his tresses when he is with you. He keeps on running his fingers over his hair while you are around or in conversation with him.

Ever Smiling

He makes sure to stay energetic and happy all the time when you are around him. Men usually don a flirtatious smile when they are with the woman they have love notes for.

Laughs On Your Bad Jokes

If no one in your friends circle enjoys your jokes, but one man laughs out louder even for a not-so-laughable joke, he is definitely attracted to you.

Stands And Sits In A Particular Way

As per the researchers, men tend to sit and stand in a certain way when the girl in their life is in conversation with him or around him. They try to look decent and flawless in what they do. If a man’s feet are pointing towards you and is body tilting towards you, it is a sign that he is attracted to you.

Copying Your Movements

If you find that a man is trying to mimic the way you speak and behave, it means he is attracted to you. It is because he tends to feel comfortable when you are around.

Playful Teasing

If a man is playfully teasing you, it can also be translated into attraction. Few men cannot express their feelings and end up teasing the girl they are attracted to.

Makes Time For You

No matter how busy the man is, if he is attracted to you, he will make sure to spend most of his time with you. If he is coming to you often without proper reason, it means he is attracted to you greatly.


Men also tend to get nervous when the girl he is attracted to is around. Hope these body language of attraction help you in reading the signals of the man whose feelings you want to predict. Keep loving!

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