Simple Yet Ignored Self Esteem Activity For Teenagers To Have Lifelong Confidence And Happiness

self esteem activity for teenagers

Are you a teenager with low self-esteem? Do you want to build self confidence in your teen child? Or are you an educator searching for Self esteem activity for teenagers? And we have got your back with so many ideas. Parents and educators can help teenagers in many ways to boost their self confidence. Building positive self-esteem is necessary to become more emotionally resilient and deal better with anxiety and life challenges.

In simple words, self-esteem is the evaluation we make of ourselves, and several factors influence it in teens like friendship, romantic appeal, family atmosphere, etc. And in today’s competitive digital era, it has become very difficult for teens. There are infinite opportunities and equal chances to be depressed. So it is very vital to keep track of it. In this article, we present you Self esteem activity for teenagers and the reasons behind low self esteem in teenagers to better understand the whole thing and deal with it.

Reasons Self Esteem Activity For Teenagers Is Important

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Emotional imbalance in family life.

Hardships in school work

Low levels of motivation and enthusiasm

High levels of frustration

Negative self-talk

Problem making new friends

Bullying in school

Easy To Follow Self Esteem Activity For Teenagers

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Make them feel good and valued.

Show concern for the issues and activities that interest them.

Nurture and support their curiosities.

Another Self esteem activity for teenagers is to spend special time with them so they can have your undivided attention.

Don’t label your children based on negative behavior. Focus on activity, not on them.

Make Them Feel Competent

It would help if you always praised their achievements, effort, and progress.

Self esteem for teenagers can give them a new skill or enroll them in a new activity that interests them.

Provide the opportunity to complete work. Let them finish on their own.

Teach Social Skills

It can be an interesting Self esteem activity for teenagers to help your child improve a range of social skills like conversational skills, requesting somebody to stop behavior, etc.

Physical Activity Hour

Motivate your teen to choose any sport which involves considerable physical activity.

Teach them to spend at least an hour a day on that sport.

This Self esteem activity for teenagers would be best if you can play with them.

Motivational Quote Challenge

Give your teen a task to come up with three motivational quotes every day. They should be such that it inspires them to take up bigger challenges.

It can be quirky, humorous, and interesting. You can arrange a family discussion with this Self esteem activity for teenagers to go deep into the meaning of the quotes.


As parents, everyone wants their teens to feel confident about who they are.

In some teens, self-confidence may come naturally while most of them have to struggle, and it is the parents and educators to support them in their journey.

Self esteem activity for teenagers is not limited to school or any specific activity. It is a long term process. Along with different activities, always remember your child is watching you. So a good model of self esteem. Another small Self esteem activity for teenagers is listening to them, asking for advice, encouraging empathy, etc.

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