Social Phobia Disorders and Therapist

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Many people think that social phobia is a kind of fear just like other phobias. Well then, let me tell you social phobias are totally different from the rest and it is the reason for the majority of mental illness. It is basically a social anxiety that one faces when in company of strangers or people other than their family members. Some sort of social anxiety may be normal like when you go for an interview or when you have to speak in public. People with social phobia avoid meeting people and want to remain in their comfort zone. They have a fear of interacting with people and think that they might get judged. It can have a negative effect on the person. It affects the overall development of the personality traits and kills down confidence. 

Symptoms of Social Phobia

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People with social phobias tend to remain anxious regarding social interactions, fear of negative judgment, embarrassment or rejection. Sometimes the extent of fear might be such that the person suffering from social anxiety might start trembling and sweating.  Social phobia affects the mental health of the person severely. It can also show considerable physical, emotional and behavioral changes in the person. General symptoms may include the following traits.

  • An urge to avoid all social gatherings and public speaking opportunities. 
  • A fear of judgment for his way of speaking, gesture and expression.
  • In severe cases may experience shortness of breath accompanied by faster heart beat.
  • Might start sweating and shaking with nervousness to interact with strangers.
  • If it continues for a longer period of time then the person might also start getting panic attacks.
  • Difficulty in maintaining eye contact and has low self esteem. Lacks confidence in every work he does.
  • When chronic, it might lead to various mental illnesses such as depression and addiction to substances.

Social Phobia Therapist

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Social phobia symptoms change over a period of time. It may become intense and hamper your lifestyle. It’s better to see a doctor, especially a social phobia therapist before things get out of hand. Though there are several medications available in the market for treating social anxiety, the research shows that psychotherapy works better than drugs. A therapist provides psychological counseling to the patient. He helps the patient in overcoming the fear of judgment through sessions of talk therapy. They prefer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for such patients who deal with the anxiety issue and build social skills. In CBT, patients are made to participate in skill training events. They also get to interact with other patients with the same social phobias. The therapy usually takes up 10-15 sessions in total. The aim of these therapies is to boost up the confidence and to inculcate social skills in the patients. The spirit of teamwork among the patients is the key factor that leads to their treatment. Determination is all they need to battle this state of mind. Your therapist is your best friend during the sessions. He eases your mind and takes up all the fear cooking inside your brain. 

If you observe symptoms of social phobia then don’t delay and visit a therapist at the earliest. Chronic social anxiety might be very devastating.

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