The 3 Best Public Speaking Books Of All Time

public speaking books

Public speaking is an activity of immense value and something that calls for a huge responsibility. When you are speaking to the public, you cannot just blurt out anything that comes to your mind. The people who have gathered there to hear what you have to say look up to you and it is your duty to provide them with valuable information that can help them be better at what it is they do. So, as a public speaker, it is very normal that you feel scared and frightened at times to confront the audience. But how about reading up on some books that can give you confidence and motivate you for the speech?

In this article, we have summed up the three best public speaking books of all times that we think you should definitely read if you have a speech coming up. They might not be able to provide you specific information about your speech, but they surely can give you a lot of confidence.

Excited to know what these books are? Let us find out!

The Art Of Public Speaking By Stephen Lucas

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Did you know that there are a set of practical skills that you should have when you go for public speaking? If not, then don’t you worry because this book tells you all about these skills and how you can improve them to give a better speech. As a speaker, you will learn to internalise the principles of public speaking, build your confidence by practicing your speech multiple times and get ready for success.

Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets Of The World’s Top Minds By Carmine Gallo


We have all watched Ted Talks. So, why not get some tips from the great Ted himself on how to be a better public speaker? In this book, Carmine Gallo talks about the 9 secrets that renowned public speakers know and use to the fullest when they are to appear in front of the audience for giving a speech.

Confessions Of A Public Speaker By Scott Berkun

If you are looking to gain insider knowledge on how to reach out to the public and how to handle any discomforting situation, then this book is for you! It tells you how you can effectively present ideas to the audience that too in a way that is easy for them to perceive all the information that you are giving. The book is quite exciting and interesting since here the author talks about his own experiences of embarrassments and triumphs in his public speaking career. You are sure to get new insights into the art of persuasion, teaching, learning and performance.

Wrapping Up

If you are worried about your public speech, then these three books can surely be your best friend. And if you are worried even after reading up on these, you might even try googling some tips, you never know what turns useful and when!

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