The Best Ways To Calm Your Freaking Public Speaking Nerves To Conquer The Stage

public speaking nerves

Have you ever felt like the rush of blood in the body is going the opposite way, and you are literally freaking out due to nervousness? Well, that is public speaking nerves or public speaking anxiety to experience. Many people fear public speaking as a severe phobia while facing a large group of audience. Public speaking nerves or anxiety are also termed sudden stage fright or Glossophobia.

Some people usually encounter a mild feeling of fear while speaking in front of people, whereas many are there for whom public speaking nerves are a severe psychological anxiety disorder.

Impact Of Public Speaking Nerves And Its Visible Signs

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Public speaking nerves or anxiety is a broad term used to refer to a speaker’s nervousness or anxious frame of mind moments before delivering the presentation. It holds an extreme and intense impact on the speaker’s physical as well as psychological state. The visible signs of public speaking nerves include shaking of legs, hands, and voice. It results in anxiety, which can be deemed through sweaty palms, dry throat, difficulty in breathing, brain freezing, and even memory loss.

The Best Ways Overcoming Public Speaking Nerves

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There are specific tips, tricks, and suggestions that you could adopt to overcome your public speaking nerves or anxiety.

Remember You Are No Different But The Best

This very prominent thought you could engrave over your mind that even the professionals were one trainee. They also might have faced their most significant challenges of public speaking nerves or anxiety. Thus you are just like them. They have crossed the paths where you are still standing. But eventually, you would reach the other end with flying colors because you are the best.

Have Ample Knowledge Regarding Your Content

Having ample knowledge regarding your content would eventually come from better notes making, preparations, and rehearsals. Always avoid memorizing the writings and try rephrasing using your communication skills. Create a flow of the presentation using your ways of practice and understand it well.

Keep Your Mind Relaxed

Public speaking nerves would hit the most restless mind, hence keep it relaxed. Practice mild breathing exercises or even meditation before hitting the stage. Once you face your audience, try speaking steadily with the presence of mind. Maintain eye contact with them. If it suits the pattern of your presentation, try interacting with your audience to enhance your comfort level.

Practice Makes The Man Perfect

Nothing to elaborate on here, but indeed practice is the ultimate weapon that might prove a victory for you. You can practice in front of your reliable companions or front of a mirror. Simply practice your speech well and hit the stage with a bang, and you would see you were unstoppable.

Final Thought

There is also a very best tried and tested formula of overcoming public speaking nerves or anxiety. It’s being positive and staying optimistic. Always remember, if you have it in you, nobody in the world can dare to snatch it away from you.


While standing on the stage with the words of the presentation echoing in your mind, you only have to have positive thoughts regarding the moment. If you can do so, then just remember, not just the stage, but the world would be yours.

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