The Body Language Lyrics Have Made Kylie Minogue A Viral Singer

body language lyrics

Australian Singer Kylie Minogue came up with this song, Body Language, in her ninth studio album. This song was released in November 2003 after a massive success of her eighth album, which was Fever, and was released in 2001. The Body language lyrics were different and were influenced by 1980s music. There were many writers and producers like Cathy Dennis, Dan Carey, EmilianaTorrini, Johnny Douglas, and Kurtis Mantronik who worked together to create this song. There were many mixed reactions and reviews on this song, as some said that it was good that Monigue experimented well, but others mentioned that it was not that good for dancing.

Plot Behind TheBody Language Lyrics

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After a massive success of eight album Fever, which was internationally released in the United States, this song was given many awards. Soon after this, Minogue started working on her ninth album to create a dance pop-inspired from the 80s. The addition of American Songwriter and singer Prince gave this song a different look and made its body language lyrics get that 80s influence.

Promotions Of Body Language

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To promote this song, the promoters have spent a fair amount of money announcing its release at a concert that was held in Hammersmith Apollo. In this concert, the fans were called by invitation, and no tickets were sold out. This show was organized by Minogue’s friend and stylist William Baker. He arranged many choreographers and different old releases of Minogue as Fever and Impossible princess. Other acts were performed and recorded to be sold in the future after this grand announcement Body language was released on 12 July 2004.

Response On Song Body Language

After the release of this song, numerous critics shared their feedback and reviews on this song. One of the critics, Metacritic, gave an average rating of 62 out of 100. According to them, it was an average song with favorable reviews. Some other critics like AllMusic have complimented Minogue for going out of the box and trying something new. He also praised the whole production team for displaying a sense of class, which was lacking in the singers of that time. Different critics have applauded the use of a new genre in the song, and it looked so fabulous.

This song has peaked in the chart and spent almost 18 weeks being on the map for a longer time. This song was shipped to various other countries like the United Kingdom, and more than 140000 units were shipped. This song was certified platinum by British Phonographic Industry in 2003 and has sold more than 398,035 copies in the market. Not just in Britain, but this song was released in different languages and peaked several charts like the Swiss Album chart, Ultratop chart, and many more. The United States were at number 42, and more than 177000 copies were sold for this song.

Body Language lyrics have made people go crazy for it; Kylie Minogue has contributed to the music industry by bringing back the old genre from the 1980s.

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