Tips To Detect Body Language Lies

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Trust is everything we have when we communicate with the outside world, but in some cases, we need to be alert not to be fooled. Many times, people fool us by telling lies and break our trust. Detecting these lies is very important. It is not that hard to catch a liar without letting him know what we are thinking. 

When we talk or have a conversation with others, all that we need to do is to observe their body language. There are many signs that a person shows while lying to someone. This is because our body knows that we are doing something wrong or inappropriate.

Change in Facial Gestures

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The most important change in the body language of the person who is lying is observed in his facial expressions. It is said that our eyes never lie. This means that even if the person is lying, his eyes will show signs that he is lying. The person, lying, unknowingly stares at the person in front of him. In most cases, the eyes tend to roll around. 

Also, the liar moves his eyes around when he has to think about what to say further. Moreover, lips act as an indicator of lies. Rolling lips back in such a manner that they become invisible is a sign. Some other signs of lying are complexion change, sweating on the forehead, chin, upper lips, and dryness in the mouth and eyes.

Change in Voice 

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The change in tone and voice of the speaker are some of the major and noticeable signs of lying. The person, who is lying, turns defensive when he realizes that his lie is being caught. This causes his voice to raise. That is when a person lies, most of the time his voice is in a high pitch. 

The high is also because the muscles of the throat tighten due to stress. Due to this tightening of muscles the person’s voice cracks. This is why we can hear creaks in his voice while he is speaking.

Change in Speech

There are many noticeable traits in the speech when a person speaks a lie. The person uses many such phrases that indicate that he is trying to convince the listener about his truthfulness. While speaking the truth, the person does not feel the need to convince it. The person lying uses phrases like ‘I want to be honest with you, ‘honestly’ or ‘let me tell you the truth’ while speaking. 

He also sometimes uses ‘um’, ‘like’, and ‘uh’ in his speech. If the liar is not a natural-born liar then he tends to have slip-ups while speaking. This happens because he has to think about what to say next or remember what he has to say.


Our body and mind always oppose anything that acts against it. In the case of viruses or bacteria, the body sets up a defense system. Similarly, the mind has its way to avoid us from doing what is not ethically right. So the body language changes each time we lie.

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