Tips to Overcome Public Speaking Fears

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Public speaking is an art. Public speaking fears come in the way of delivering an effective public speech. Not all speakers can influence people through their speech.  Leaders become popular due to their vocabulary and ability to influence people.  Everyone likes to become a person of influence or a public speaker of repute.  However, to achieve this goal, a person may be confronted with several questions in mind.

  • Do people like my speech? 
  • Will they find faults with me?
  • Are they laughing at me?
  • They may criticize me!
  • Am I making my own mockery?
  • What if I become a subject of criticism and defamation? 
  • How should I talk on a subject unknown to me?
  • I am not prepared enough to speak in public.

Keeping in mind the above concerns, here are some powerful tips on overcoming public speaking fears.

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Confidence building

A top public speaker, while sharing his secret of learning public speaking, said that he used to be afraid of talking even before a few persons.  On getting advice from a Guru, he started speaking by standing before a mirror, thinking as if he is talking to an audience comprising of hundreds of persons.  Gradually, he developed the ability to speak before thousands of people in public meetings, thus becoming a great speaker! Confidence building is one of the best ways to eliminate public speaking fears.


Repeated positive affirmations given to self can make a significant difference.  For this purpose, the excellent idea is to write down a few sentences in your own words that can be powerful enough to change your thought process. For example, “I am an excellent speaker!”  “I am getting better and better in the art of public speaking.” “Public speaking is my passion.” “People admire me when I talk.”  “My speech is powerful to influence public opinion.”

Command over language

An influential speaker is characterized by his/her usage of the right words at the right time. Words are powerful enough to create the desired effects.  Command over words or a language cannot develop in a day. It is an effect produced by acquaintance with the language for days, months, and years together. Reading, writing, speaking, understanding, thinking, teaching are the activities that ultimately improve your language power. 

Knowing your audience

Good speakers understand the audiences and deliver talks accordingly.  Know your audience, understand their interests, and address their interests, then only you will be able to hold their attention during the speech. 

Natural mindset

For a persuasive speech, one need not be in some other’s shoes. Be at ease and relax.  Act naturally.  Let your words flow naturally as per your thought process.  Let your acts be your natural “instinctive tendency.” It will produce miraculous results.

Developing positive habits

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Positive habits, a prerequisite to eliminate public speaking fears!

What undergoes in your inner mind automatically surfaces and gets manifested any time.  Therefore, create a pattern of dwelling in positive thoughts. For this, purposefully read positive material, listen to positive reviews, and inspiring audios.  Do not perform an act with which you will downgrade your self-image.  Because you may befool the entire world, but you cannot befool yourself!  With a single positive habit, for example, waking up at 4 am, you can be a changed person.  You can get the divine powers in the calmness of the early morning. You can meditate, energize yourself, and start a new day.  Once you develop positive habits, you automatically gain control over public speaking fears.              

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