Understanding Men Body Language

men's body language

If you were to examine the men in your life, you might find it easy to decipher their feelings and emotions through facial expressions and body language. Women and men are different in many ways, but they have very similar body language to display their emotions. Understanding their body language will allow you to interpret their emotions with greater accuracy.

Understanding men’s body language can be done with some simple observation. There are a few things that most men tend to do. Women can read that, which is the first step in interpreting what they are trying to say.

Walking With Hands In Pockets

A man sitting on a bus

Men tend to walk with their hands in the pockets of their pants. These are the pockets closest to the groin area. Many men do this as a form of camouflage, as it is easy for a woman to mistake them for a gun holster. It is also a way of showing that they are comfortable in their clothing and will not hesitate to show it.

Holding Hands Above Their Heads

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Men will often hold their hands above their heads while looking directly at a woman. They may also be very discreet by keeping their hands just to the side of the waist or under the chin. Women do not seem to notice this as much as they would if trying to hide something. It cannot be very clear to both women and men when trying to understand their body language and gestures. Women tend to read men’s actions and expressions very easily, but this isn’t necessarily true for men.

When men are feeling confident and secure, their body movements can be quite stiff and rigid. This is what they try to accomplish by holding their heads high.

Looking At Feet When Around Women

Men tend to look at their feet when they are around women. They may be looking at their shoes or the ground when they are doing this. Sometimes they will even take a second to glance at their toes while speaking with a woman. Men are more likely than women to have sweat glands underneath their skin. They tend to keep these covered up as much as possible to be more careful in their clothing choices.

Shy men also tend to hold their arms in front of their chest while talking to a woman. This is probably because they don’t want to draw attention to them. It is very common for men to avoid eye contact when talking to a woman, so they only let their eyes wander across her face.

Men also tend to have an air of mystery about them. An interested woman is not going to find out everything about them by just talking to them. When they know some of the men’s body language, they will feel more comfortable with him. If they don’t know how to approach a man, they may be afraid to make the first move.

Confident Men Aren’t Afraid To Be Themselves

Women need to look for men who have confidence and aren’t afraid to be themselves. When they see men who are too afraid to stand out in public, they won’t connect with the guy. They will think that they aren’t good enough for him and may try to be something else.

There is no reason for a man to be embarrassed by showing some of his feelings. He can express his thoughts, but it should be in a very positive way if he does so.

Final Words

Men are more likely to take things for granted than women. The more they accept their sexuality, the easier it is to trust them. Women are more likely to see them as sexually available.

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