Understanding Stress and Performance Anxiety

performance anxiety

Performance anxiety can adversely affect your career and could stop you from doing what you love. Being in the spotlight and having everybody’s attention on you can be very stressful. Your heart responds to that same situation the same way it would if you were constantly being attacked. You end up breaking down emotionally and becoming overwhelmed with stress.

Speak Publicly

Many people experience anxiety when they are required to speak publicly. They may even have severe anxiety when speaking to a large audience. They may even have minor symptoms where they break down before even beginning. Performance anxiety may stem from a fear of not meeting the expectations of the crowd or failing in front of them. This can lead to a number of other symptoms such as shaking, nervousness, sweating and upset stomach.

Children tend to be highly anxious about performance and this can cause problems in their personal and social life. They may have low self-confidence and be reluctant to try out for sports teams. Their low self-esteem can lead to them being bullied at school. If a child experiences anxiety over performing, he or she can suffer from many physical symptoms such as stomach ache, headaches, dizziness, stomach cramps, upset stomach and insomnia. These can in turn lead to serious issues such as digestive disorders and heart problems.

Erectile Dysfunction

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Performance anxiety can also cause erectile dysfunction if it is severe enough. It can cause impotence or the inability to achieve or maintain an erection needed to participate in sexual intercourse. The symptoms of this condition can be mild to severe and range from emotional to physical. For some, they only experience mild forms of anxiety which can easily be treated with medications and relaxation techniques.

Performance anxiety can also be treated using cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of therapy involves changing negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive and realistic thoughts. A therapist will teach the patient how to change their thinking patterns and eventually eliminate their negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones. This therapy has been successful in treating a variety of conditions and improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

Fear Of Failure

Performance anxiety may also be caused by a fear of failure. If a person feels that they may not be able to perform to the standard that others are able to, then they may experience constant anxiety about performing. When this occurs, a person may avoid all social situations that involve performance. They may avoid parties and other events that require them to perform. They may even refuse to talk to others because they feel they may embarrass themselves during the course of the conversation. While this can be devastating to a person’s social life, it is not the basis for panic attacks and cannot harm a person permanently.

Summing Up

For many people, overcoming stage fright and other types of mental anxiety is not all that difficult. It is often just a matter of learning how to let go of past feelings of embarrassment. It can take time to let go, but it is possible. For example, many people experience a small amount of stress every day without realizing it until it builds up and overwhelms them. Once they realize how much stress is building up inside of them, most people are able to begin dealing with the stress and lowering their anxiety levels. Once they have mastered this technique, many people experience an enormous amount of relief and happiness as a result.

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