What Is Public Speaking – Learn How To Overcome Your Fears

what is public speaking

Public speaking is simply giving speech face-to-face to either live audience or on stage. But because of the improvement of public speaking, nowadays, it is now commonly seen as any other form of selling or marketing, specifically between the salesperson and the customer. Traditionally, public speaking has been regarded as a skill of the persuasive art. And although many people might still consider it as a skill of persuasion, it is now acknowledged that it is a tool for influencing others.

Stadeness Factor

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It is about using a tool called the ‘stadeness factor’ to persuade a person or group of people into taking a certain action or decision. Most salespeople master this skill of public speaking by knowing when to use it and how to use it. If you’re presenting a sales pitch in front of a group of business partners, you would want everyone to feel comfortable with you and believe in what you’re saying. In order for you to have such an effect, you have to conquer your fear of speaking in front of others.

Fearing what you are going to say is actually part of what makes us hesitate. A lot of times, even very good public speakers will falter during their speeches because they are too fearful of having to speak in front of a crowd. Thus, before you even begin your speech, you must first eliminate all possible fear, doubts and hesitation from your mind.

Practice Your Interpersonal Skills

To overcome the fear of public speaking and to become better public speakers, you must practice your interpersonal skills. There is no better way to convince a group of people than by having to converse with them in real life. You can do this by giving oration workshops to hone your skills. You can also expose yourself to different kinds of examples so that you can experience how it feels like to deliver a good speech to a live audience. These things will not only help you get over your trepidation but will also improve your interpersonal skills.

Be Confident Of Your Speech

In order for you to become a good public speaker and overcome your fear of speaking in public, you must be confident of your speech from the very start. A lot of speakers will start their speeches with their confidence but then tend to lose control as the speech goes on. Thus, you must keep your composure at all times if you want to have your audience to focus on you and your words. Start by practicing your outline. This is an important step that will help you build the right structure for your speeches.

After you have created an outline, practice your delivery. Practice your speeches in front of a mirror or even with your friends. You want to be able to master your delivery so that you will not embarrass yourself when it comes time to deliver. It is also important that you choose the topics of your speeches wisely because there are instances where people’s fears of public speaking gets in the way of their presentations.

Summing Up

Finally, remember that what is public speaking is not a crime but something that you can overcome if you practice on a regular basis. This does not mean that you should give up your dreams or goals just because you have to speak in front of an audience. Good presentations happen every day and if you are determined to get good speech ideas then there are many resources available on the web that will help you learn how to craft powerful and persuasive speeches that will surely get you noticed. Remember that as long as you stay focus and do not let your fear hold you back from speaking in public, you will succeed. Good luck!

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