What Is Self-Esteem And How To Boost It

what is self-esteem

Self-esteem is the confidence an individual feels about themselves. It is the evaluation of what makes our own worth & how we feel about ourselves. Once you start feeling low about yourself, there is no stop to this deterioration of motivation. 

The more you see good in others, the worse you feel about yourself & this results in the decline of self-esteem. You start doubting even the minutest things of yours. But as there is a solution to everything, there are ways to boost your self-esteem as well. Some of these are – 

  1. Make A List Of Your Accomplishments

Listing your accomplishments will make you aware of your skills. The more you will add to it, the better you will feel. You can make this the first page of your journal or stick it up onto your to-do board. Later, you can use it as a reminder to yourself whenever you feel low.

2.Get Hold Of Your Values 

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Try to heal your past. When your thoughts are hazy, you get confused doing everything. So, if you clear your values and get hold of your beliefs, you can find out the necessary changes you need to make.

3.Challenge Your Comfort Zone 

Try being uncomfortable in situations. Start from a low scale-like trying a new hairstyle or meeting new people. It will help you feel confident about yourself as confidence begins at the end of the comfort zone.

4.Stop Thinking About What Others Think 

Try to think out of the box, being creative. If you have an idea you think is different, give it a try. Don’t think what others will think about it, just do it. It will stimulate your brain & the more you use it, the better it gets.

5.Read Something Inspirational

This will help you lift your spirits & make you feel good. This will bring a ray of positivity to your life. Continuous reading will act as a stimulus in maintaining your self-esteem.

6.Help Someone 

If you help someone, the person will be grateful for your help. He will say good things about you. Listening to these sweet words will lift your spirits & you will feel more confident than before in interacting & helping people.

7.Care About Your Appearance 

Most people think that what is the need for proper appearance if you have enough knowledge. But it is not so. Your appearance forms a crucial part of your personality. So, to impress people & feel confident, caring about your appearance becomes essential.

8.Become A Mentor And Define Success

Being a guide to someone will add a feeling of self-respect to your confidence. Seeing them doing great will make you feel worthy of yourself.

Lastly, set a mark of success. Set goals, manifest your vision & know the self-confidence you need within for that.


These were some of the basic but effective ways to boost up your self-esteem. Start by practicing for 21 days straight to see the magical change within yourself. Try these out & get ready to feel good about yourself.

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