What is Self Esteem – Self Esteem synonym and How to Use them

self esteem synonym

The term self-esteem is a psychological term that is used to describe an individual’s sense of self-worth or personal value. Self-esteem means how much you love and appreciate yourself, your overall opinion of yourself, and how you judge your abilities. Self-esteem is an important key trait in your personality, low self-esteem may cause difficulties in your life and create obstacles on your way towards the goal by making you question your self-worth and abilities. Having healthy self-esteem means you avoid negativity to affect you, feel confident, express your thoughts, have good control of your mind in difficult situations, and accept your strengths and weaknesses. Here are 5 self-esteem synonym and how to use them in a sentence.


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Self-respect has the same meaning as self-esteem. Moreover, self-respect is what you can define as holding yourself in esteem and believing that you are worthy, it is a part of having a healthy personality. When you respect yourself, you don’t let negative things affect you in life, so you do the same in a healthy self-esteem personality.

Here are some examples of how to use self-respect in sentences:

“She refused to attend the party because she disliked how they treated her last time, she has self-respect”

“It was difficult for George to keep his self-respect in front of his boss”


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Self-awareness is another self-esteem synonym. Self-awareness is important because when you are aware of your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your limits and capabilities you create healthy self-esteem.

Here are some example sentences of self-awareness:

“Psychologists focus on increasing your self-awareness in therapies”

“Harry is a self-aware man, he will not do anything crazy”


Self-assured describes the state of being confident about yourself, being aware of your abilities and talents, trusting in your potential, and knowing your worth. When you are confident about yourself, you create a healthy and powerful personality trait.

Here are some example sentences of self-assured:

“Those folk singers were self-assured about their talent in the show”

“Ronita proved herself as a self-assured student in the psychology seminar today”


Without confidence, there is no good self-esteem. Self-confidence can be defined as having trust in yourself, not caring about the negative what if’s, knowing your worth, and believing in your potential. Confidence is the key to a healthy self-esteem personality. Here are some examples of how you can use self-confidence in a sentence:

“When you are self-confident, no one can make you feel worthless”

“Gargi got the highest position in the company because of her undeniable self-confidence”


Self-conviction can be described as having strong beliefs proceeding from your knowledge or experiences and being confident about your abilities, judgment, opinions, etc. Self-conviction refers to the quality of being confident, clear, logical, and convincing. Here are some examples of how to use self-conviction in a sentence:

“His self-conviction made him the best speaker in today’s session”

“Erica could not present her research because of low self-conviction”


So the synonyms are mentioned above with examples of how to use them properly in a sentence. Some other synonyms of self-esteem are self-regard, self-pride, dignity, morale, self-deprecation, etc.

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