What Is Social Phobia Disorder And Its Symptoms And Therapies

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Social phobia is a type of social anxiety disorder that causes fear in public settings. Because of social phobia disorder, a person has trouble attending a social gathering, meeting new people, and talking to people. They fear being scrutinized or judged by others. However, they might know that their fears are unreasonable or irrational.

Moreover, social phobia is different from shyness. Nervousness or shyness is short-term nature and does not disrupt someone’s life. But social anxiety is debilitating and persistent. It can disrupt someone’s ability to:

build up close relations with people outside of their family

attend school


Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

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Social interaction might cause the following symptom:


trembling or shaking

dizziness or lightheadedness


excessive sweating

difficulty speaking

rapid heart rate

Psychological symptoms might include:

worrying for a week before any social program

worrying about uncomfortable yourself in any situation

drink to face any social conditions

worrying deeply about public situations

worrying that someone will notice you are nervous or stressed

missing work because of anxiety

Well, it is very common sometimes to feel unease. Besides, when you have social anxiety, you fear being noticed by others or shamed in front of them. also, you might avoid social situations such as:

job interviews

using public restrooms

eating in public

asking a question


talking on the phone

But social anxiety symptoms might not occur in every situation. You can have selective or limited anxiety like it occurs if you talk with strangers or eat with lots of people.

What Causes Social Anxiety Disorder

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The main cause of social anxiety is unknown. Meanwhile, recent research says that it is the cause of genetic combination and environmental factors. And negative experience can also the cause of this disorder, such as:

sexual abuse

family conflict


Physical abnormalities like serotonin imbalance might contribute to this disorder. Serotonin is a brains’ chemical that helps to control mood. And the brain structure that controls thoughts or fear feelings and responses of anxiety might also cause anxiety.

Treatment For Social Anxiety Disorder

Different types of social anxiety treatments are available. Treatment results vary from person to person. Many people only require one kind of treatment. Besides, others might need more than one. Additionally, some health care provider might recommend medication to treat the disorder.

Several treatment options for anxiety disorder include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive therapy helps you to control anxiety through breathing and relaxation. Plus, it learns you how to stay positive in every situation.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy helps you steadily face social gatherings rather than avoiding them.

Group therapy

Avoiding caffeine

Getting plenty of sleep


The social anxiety outlook is best with treatment. Medication, lifestyle changes, and therapy can help people cope with their social anxiety disorder. Furthermore, social anxiety does not have to manage your life. However, it might take days or weeks; medication or psychotherapy can help you start to feel more confident and calmer in social situations.

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